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Would you like a personalised mobile phone skin?

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


Recently joshaw launched a thread where community members can request to have customisable giffgaff device skins created for them. These images will all be designed on request by some of our community’s skilled graphic designers (joshaw, zerodudex333, cinami, uzzyy, alexb38 and jamesd2010) and can be requested for order via the suggested website links in the thread once the design is complete.


Here are some examples of designs already made:




pink calculator phone skin.png



pink-calculator skin eg.png



giffgaff phone cover skin green..png





If you would like a customisable skin designed for you, you can post in the thread and give our designers a rough idea of what you would like on your customisable skin and what device it is for. Or if you just want to post examples for fun, you can do so!


Please note: that designers are doing this for free in their own time. The skin production sites that are suggested are external, and giffgaff do not receive any finances for any orders made.


You can visit the customisable giffgaff skin thread here:



rocket scientist
can you get it for the xperia ray? and how much is it

after taking a quick look at that thread, this looks kind of interesting. glad this blog was posted, otherwise I wouldnt have heard about it!

former giff-staffer

Hi aaabzx3,


You can indeed have it for the experia ray.


What happens is; the designers design the jpeg and test it on one of the reccomended sites.


Once that is done, they will post an example of what it will look like as the phone skin along with the raw jpeg.


Then you can go to one of the below sites to upload the jpeg and create your own.




Upload skin example.jpg


You can upload the image designed for you on the left and select the device near the top in yellow.

However you can visit this website first in order to check if they include your device model.


For the xperia ray, this price has come up as £9.99 and for most devices the prices should be simliar!


Thanks Smiley Happy

rocket scientist

The two websites shown offer prices for phones between £7.99 and £9.99, Skinflips can definitely do Xperia Ray, and I expect Wrappz can too

this is pretty cool! might try

Wow, this is what I call a Community - working together to benefit one and other. 


Can you do it for the htc wildfire? x


looks good...

this is really coool, Smiley Happy skins luk gud
former giff-staffer

Hi eilidh_rose,


It can indeed be done for HTC phones, including the wildfire.


Thanks you all for your feedback on this. Smiley Happy