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Your 5 A Day {14th October}

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Hi guys,


if you've seen the '5 a day' threads in Off-Topic over the last 2 weeks, you'll have a good idea of the project :smileyhappy: If you missed yesterdays edition - do take a look! Thank you to everyone who has shown their support Smiley Happy If you'd like to submit any cool/quirky/funny links - use this form created by Jamesd2010. 


1. The latest singing sensation on youtube right now is 5 yr. old Sophia Grace Brownlee. Singing Nicki Minaj's superbass, this girl is a diva in the making!



2.  'DeviantArtist Mohamed Raoof has modified photos of real-life birds to make them look a bit more like their angry video game counterparts.' 




3. Ever wondered what Welshman do when they're bored? Click on this video to find out...



4. '3D street art are gaining much popularity these days. Notable brands are already taking advantage of public’s curiosity on 3D street paintings to create awareness for their products.' How amazing does this one look?




5. And finally, here is the trailer to The Muppets 2. Enjoy!



Have a good day!


I think im looking forward to the new muppets.... And omg, that ice crack painting on the floor.... wow. I've seen a few like that on google, one was a room in a house, where the roof was painted to make it look like you had been burried alive and people were looking over the hole to watch you.... very weird!


Thanks for the heads up, will have a look see tonight.


Excellent yet again!


1 - I find disgusting, however cute some may consider it, the lyrics in the song simply shouldn't be fed to a 5 year old, parents feeding them this song, at such a young age, they should be learning the alphabet, not the nations favourite song.


2 - That's so cool! Smiley Tongue


3 - Seen this before, I love it Smiley Happy Being technology minded too, make me love it more!


4 - That's so interesting!


5 - Haha! Muppets, did make me laugh again! Smiley Happy

muppets pure awsome lol
muppets lol


I was born right here

Once again , some very good stuff ,  I love kids but  that one singing that song would do my head in .....  lol  ,  the sheep one is so daft but also so clever ,  the " angry bird " is good ,  it looks as if the Muppets 2 could be very funny  ,   and the " street art " is excellent .  :smileyhappy:


Awesome stuff (as usual!!)

Certainly lifts my spirits after work Smiley Happy


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Great stuff! You muppet Smiley Very Happy

Isn't the ice one where the Predators and Aliens areSmiley Happy


The Muppets are looking good.


I don't think the little girl was "Singing" Smiley Happy



LesSmiley Happy