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Your 5 a day {13th January 2012}

former giff-staffer

Good afternoon giffgaffers.


I bring you todays 5 a day, our collection of the weird, interesting, funny and intriguing things we find around the internet.


If you have missed any check out the archive here. And feel free to submit entries for us to use for future editions using the submission form here.


1. The following video is a great rube goldberg machine designed to simply hands free turn the page of your newspaper just by taking sip of coffee (other caffeinated beverages are available).



2. This next entry is a bit of fun with google maps that has been going around the internet. If you follow this link to a road in Brazil and go to street view (drag the yellow man to the blue line), you will see a lady on the left hand side of the road (she has since been blurred to protect her identity). If you double click on her, the street view will move down the road a bit, and you will have knocked the poor lady to the ground. For those lazy to do this, I have put a little gif of this that someone has made (pre-blurring).



3. Up next is a piece of maths that is taught at GCSE (if not before, I forget now) but people don't always remember or understand it. This is a nice visual presentation of it that should help prove it to you. I talk of Pythagoras' theorem: the square of the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other 2 sides.




4. I want one of these in my life - preferably as every light in my house. If you don't recognise it as being from Mario, then congratulations for not being a geek.



5. Lastly we have a sporting video - now I don't find cricket very interesting, but if it was ALL like this, then I think I might start watching it!


Have a good weekend!





giffgaff; ergo sum

Nice catch lol.

I invented the rube goldburg machine first tut I later married her Smiley Happy
Nice! Thanks

Kool catch dude Smiley Happy

ace of spades

Another good batch  1 and 5 are my favourires ,  cheers Joe . Smiley Happy 


Awesome catch! haha


Nice article joseph, poor hamster in the first video Smiley Sad lol


Mario! slight obsession of mine...

nice 1

first video is very clever, nice find! [y].