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Your 5 a day {4th November}

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5 a day is a daily thread/blog giving you 5 juicy links to entertain, teach or share. Every Saturday - Thursday in Off-Topic and every Friday on the Blog. 4 pm!


1. Close call... how close it this to the pier?!



2. Today I learned: - 


3. The Science behind why you go blind 40 minutes every day;



4.  Dr. Peter Venkman: We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!



5. And finally - we don't think this is a metaphor but if it is... it's powerful kid. 




Here's the form to submit amazing links i you want to take part and here's the archive^_^


Til Tomorrow!

good** lol

Not part of the 5 a day but this is a good a place as any to say this.


In case any of you aren't aware I come from the sunny seaside town of Wales and we have a 5p carrier bag charge in all shops as of the start of October. On the news just now reports that carrier bags from shops have fallen dramatically but we've seen a huge rise in the theft of shopping baskets :):):) how absolutely hilarious lol


Hola,Hazel.These 5 a days are better than the fruit and veg ones:)


She was lying relaxing then had a Whale of a time.


She could'nt wait to tell Mom,so got to shore asap and got to the nearest Whaleway Station


Her Mom began to Whale,you could have been diving for a very long time.





Am I the only guy here that thought the whale was annoying for getting in the way of the bikini girl?


Les...whaleway station...really? I did hear her whale when it came up though


I've got a good one to send later

giffgaff; ergo sum

Very good poor kid:smileysurprised:


Wow at 1 :O Wow, going through #3's other videos :P 

Pretty flippin' good Hazel :)
former giff-staffer
Thanks guys! Glad to hear you're all enjoying the series, lovingly crafted by the Educators :)
I heard todays 5 a day is realy funny but I'm afraid I cant see all links on my phone so I'll have a look later on my lappy. Looking forward to a good giggle ;)