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Your 5 a day {4th November}

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5 a day is a daily thread/blog giving you 5 juicy links to entertain, teach or share. Every Saturday - Thursday in Off-Topic and every Friday on the Blog. 4 pm!


1. Close call... how close it this to the pier?!



2. Today I learned: - 



3. The Science behind why you go blind 40 minutes every day;



4.  Dr. Peter Venkman: We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!




5. And finally - we don't think this is a metaphor but if it is... it's powerful kid. 




Here's the form to submit amazing links i you want to take part and here's the archive^_^


Til Tomorrow!


Speaking of killer whales ( ie Free Willy)

Have you seen the killer whale on You Tube munching on the Great white Shark?


The shark didn't even put up a fight.

literally just rolled over.




ORCA (Free Willey) vs. Great White ?





No John but I have seen killer whales on Blue Planet, the BBC documentary. People see whales and don't realise their status in the food chain, if there is a king of the ocean then it's probablty a killer whale




I apologise that my ocean knowledge extends only as far as things that have been on Attenborough documentaries Smiley Tongue


Thanks I was just looking for that

former giff-staffer
human databank

More excellent stuff , Thank you .. Smiley Happy

yey awsome!

I actually like the 5 a day!


so youre telling me we are blind 40 minutes a day?

Why do we call sleeping, having 40 winks?

former giff-staffer

@Pete - I feel this maybe a trap but:


The expression derives from the closed-eye position, or extended wink assumed during sleep (‘wink’ has been associated with sleep since the 14th century), but implies that the resting person does not fall into a deep sleep. <“There’s just time for forty winks before we have to leave”>.