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Your 5 a day {4th November}

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5 a day is a daily thread/blog giving you 5 juicy links to entertain, teach or share. Every Saturday - Thursday in Off-Topic and every Friday on the Blog. 4 pm!


1. Close call... how close it this to the pier?!



2. Today I learned: - 



3. The Science behind why you go blind 40 minutes every day;



4.  Dr. Peter Venkman: We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!




5. And finally - we don't think this is a metaphor but if it is... it's powerful kid. 




Here's the form to submit amazing links i you want to take part and here's the archive^_^


Til Tomorrow!

big cheese

I'm now getting worried that I lose 40 minutes a day... :-P


i nearly forgot that ebaums world existed

giffgaff; ergo sum

I've noticed the stopped clock before but never stopped to wonder what the explanation was, but where we lose 40 minutes a day lost, my wife swears that I lose more like140 minutes a day and it's nothing to do with any clock!


The Whale video was a real shocker, didn't expect that.  I think the clock theory came into play when the girl was in the water one second, and next time we saw her she was tucked up in the boat.  I wouldn't have wasted any time either.


Nice selection again, look forward to the next ones!  Well done Hazel!






It just goes to show that you shouldn't kick the world too hard, or it may fight back!


Be careful out there kids... Smiley Very Happy


And thanks again Hazel another great '5 a day', I found easy to swallow. Smiley Wink

former giff-staffer
Thanks guys, you all rock. Love the comments. We're really glad you liked yesterday's edition. ^_^

There is another superb whale clip at this address describing how the whales blow bubbles to trap the fish.




Here is a question.

Were there actually 2 hump back whales surfacing together in the clip?



former giff-staffer

John - I'm loving your extra content about Whales - it's really interesting!

Hi Hazel

I have a degree in zoology, (marine biology is my preferred field)

I couldn't resist joining in





former giff-staffer

I've PM'ed you Smiley Happy > It's a bit random.


Speaking of whales Free Willy is on ITV right now, I guess the schedulers there keep an eye on the 5 a day to see what's trending