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Your 5 a day {4th November}

former giff-staffer

5 a day is a daily thread/blog giving you 5 juicy links to entertain, teach or share. Every Saturday - Thursday in Off-Topic and every Friday on the Blog. 4 pm!


1. Close call... how close it this to the pier?!



2. Today I learned: - 



3. The Science behind why you go blind 40 minutes every day;



4.  Dr. Peter Venkman: We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!




5. And finally - we don't think this is a metaphor but if it is... it's powerful kid. 




Here's the form to submit amazing links i you want to take part and here's the archive^_^


Til Tomorrow!

Gets my specs out ..... Whats that bout bin blind lolSmiley Sad👀
Thats why time goes slower wen u watch the clock proved llf

In non-sequencial order because it's more fun that way I have to say that rats laughing is weird, watched this vide and I if I'd have known I could have picked THAT science instead of my discipline I would have. Tickling animals in the name of science, how amazing is that for a job!!


The first video was great, it's just a shame that whale came along and obstructed my view of the girl in the bikini Smiley Sad A child getting sent flying with a monster globe? You are a very cruel person. Can't say I see the metaphore but I'll believe you like the video for more intellectual reasons than you probably really do, honest Smiley Tongue



former giff-staffer

"One day we decided to tickle some animals." Is my new all time favourite line. Why? WHY? 

Realy good

big cheese

Wow this is interesting Smiley Happy 


I like the clock illusion Smiley Happy 



Nice selection, I would die of shock if I was on that surfboard and that whale jumping out of the water.

Smiley Surprised

heavy hitter

This is quite interesting I love the 5 a day Hazel. Smiley Happy


Keep it up.


wow the first one was actually shocking


loving it thought <3