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bethanaaay's Top 8 Smartphone Apps


Last month, as part of a series of blogs to let you get to know the blogging team a bit better, I posted a blog all about myself. If you read that, you probably gathered that I’m pretty much attached to my smartphone 24/7. I often wonder where I’d be left if anything happened to my phone, as I rely on it so heavily; as a result, I often keep old handsets as ‘back-ups’ on the off chance my current device needs repairing or breaks. As someone who is such a heavy smartphone user, there’s several apps that have practically become embedded in my daily routine. Today, I’ll be telling you about my top 8 smartphone apps.


Health & Fitness


Calorie Counter app logoAs someone who has to follow a fairly regulated diet for a health condition, Calorie Counter by FatSecret quickly became a favourite app for me after downloading it around 18 months ago. What I liked about this app is the fact that it’s so quick and easy to use; many of the popular food items and supermarket brands are already stored on their database, so it’s unusual for me to have to manually input the nutritional info for what I’m eating. It also clearly shows what you’ve eaten that day for each of the macro nutrients, as well as how many more calories you need based on your Recommended Daily Intake. If you’re looking alter your diet or are concerned about your health, I would 100% recommend you see your GP before using any apps to help you. I only downloaded this app after I had seen several specialists and dieticians – but that aside, I’d definitely say it’s the best meal tracker I’ve tried. You can download it here (once you’ve been given the all clear by your GP!) on Android, and here on iOS.


Daily Workouts app logoAlso linked to the aforementioned health condition is the need for me to incorporate regular exercise into my routine. As part of a Gradual Exercise Therapy programme, I aimed to gradually increase my strength, particularly in my arms and legs. Daily Workouts is an app that randomises a sequence of exercises for you to do in your own home, for between 5 and 30 minutes. It’s suitable for both men and women, has over 95 exercises, and has been developed by a certified personal trainer. You don’t need any special equipment, and it’s completely tailored to you – whether you want a fully body workout, or to target specific areas. The videos and instructions make it a great app for newbies to working out, and the massive variety of exercises always keeps it interesting. I have the free version of this app, which you can download on Android here, on iOS here, and on Windows here.




PayPal app logoAs I mentioned in my Blogger Profile, in my spare time I run a small online business selling hand-painted false nails. This is one of the many reasons I’m permanently attached to my smartphone! I’ve already wittered about Depop in enough of my previous blogs (@shadylady has a full review of it here), so instead I’m going to mention the PayPal app. When money’s coming and going, there’s fees to be paid, and postage to buy, the PayPal mobile app makes it much easier to keep track of your finances. It’s very secure, as you have to log in each time you use it, and also very easy to use, with notifications for each transaction. More importantly though, it means that no matter where I am, I always have access to the transactions related to my nails so there’s minimal delays to any queries a customer may have… meaning better customer service! Even if you don’t run a business online, if you’re a PayPal user I’d definitely recommend the app. You can download it here on Android, iOS, and Windows.


Etsy app logoIf you’re into handmade items & services, then Etsy is a great place to shop online. I personally use it for both selling and buying, as I can run an online store for my handmade nails, but also take advantage of the amazing range of gifts and products you can find on there. As Etsy is a place for handmade goods, more often than not you’ll find you can personalise them or have them made to exact requirements. The app lets you do this conveniently from your handset, with the ability to filter products and save your favourite stores. To actually run your own store, there’s a separate app called Sell on Etsy, but I felt the main Etsy app was most relevant to the people reading this blog. It’s perfect if you’re looking for presents, or for cute items for the home and garden. You can check it out here on Android and here on iOS.


Social Media


Instagram app logoIf I got a pound for every time I opened Instagram, it wouldn’t be long before I was a millionaire! I’m not someone who’s a fan of Twitter and Facebook; I found they can cause a fair bit of hassle, are full of trolls, and riddled with spam posts. Instagram, however, is one of my absolute favourite apps. I have two accounts – one personal and one for my business – with different purposes. My personal account is great for staying in touch with friends and following pages that I have interests in, whereas my business account was created to interact with potential customers and network with other nail accounts. There’s literally millions of accounts that you could follow, and similar to @jeff_elephant, I like the fact it’s less polluted than other social networking sites. You can download it on Android, iOS and Windows, and you can also check out my very first blog about getting the best out of Instagram here.


Snapchat app logoAlright, I admit it: I’m a Snapchat addict. At first I didn’t like it at all as I just didn’t see the point, but over the last 18 months I’ve grown to love this photo-sharing app. Unlike Instagram, photos on Snapchat are not permanent and can be sent to as many or as few people as you choose. Photos you choose to upload to your Snapchat Story can be seen by all of your friends for 24 hours, and I make use of this for photos I take that I don’t feel are quite worthy of an Instagram post, but want to share with others… how daft does that sound now I’ve written it down?! Since November 2013, I’ve sent and received a total of over 24,000 photos, so it’s fairly obvious why this one is making my top 8. You can download it on Android here, iOS here, and hopefully will be available on Windows sometime soon.


YouTube app logoYouTube’s popularity has grown massively since its inception, particularly over the last few years, and I am one of those who have jumped on the bandwagon. There’s a massive range of channels to choose from, whether you’re into tech reviews, gaming videos, or health & beauty; in fact, I have a mixture of all those popping up on my subscription feed! I won’t go into much detail, as you usually find YouTube is pre-installed on smartphones, but as someone who watches videos & vlogs almost daily, I felt it couldn’t go without a mention in this blog. My personal favourite channels at the moment are Shaaanxo and Wayne Goss for beauty, Dina Tokio for fashion, SofiaStyled for crafts, and lonniedos for game reviews.




WhatsApp app logoLast, but certainly not least, is the ever-popular messaging app WhatsApp. I dread to think how many thousands of messages I’ve sent on here over the years, but it’s usually my main point of contact these days! Back when I first joined giffgaff, I was capable of sending around 200 texts a day (I know, insane!), but once I found WhatsApp, those days were long behind me. I can easily see that my messages have been delivered, I can send photos & videos without the dreaded MMS costs, and most of my contacts have it installed too. I’ve also found it to be incredibly useful when abroad too, as it can be used over Wi-Fi rather than relying on phone signal and roaming costs. You can download WhatsApp here on Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry & Nokia Symbian.



So that’s me: my top 8 smartphone apps! These are just a few of the many apps I use on my phone, but definitely the ones I’d see as being most important for me. They’re definitely the ones I rely on most for whatever reason, be it practical or social. Hopefully this will have given you a bit more insight into me, and might even be apps that you want to try out!


Do you use any of these apps regularly? What are your personal favourites? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


Thanks for reading!



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I'm also a big fan of PayPal. They recently were spun off by eBay and trade on the stock market as a separte listed company now. This means with this new independence, we could see some new innovations from PayPal (that eBay didn't want before)...


Glad to see your promoting some health and fitness apps. I'm a big fan of gym classes (they're more social and good instructors will push you harder than you would yourself). I should probably use a food app to count my calories as it can help me to better choose what to eat and when to eat.

big cheese

I use WhatsApp regularly - don't know if you've noticed. Smiley Wink I've sent 6,633 messages on it so far, and received 23,042. Smiley Tongue


That's it though, out of the 8 apps you've listed. In fact YouTube is the only other one I've even got.


I didn't know Snapchat was primarily for photo-sharing - I thought it was just for, well, snap-chatting. Smiley Wink Chatting frivolously, knowing there wouldn't be any permanent storage of the chat.

heavy hitter

I have recently got into ebay and have purchased a few bits and bobs and the paypal app has been fantastic I can't fault it Smiley Very Happy 


I too use Instagram, whatsapp, Snapchat (although very very rarely!)


Some great app reviews here Smiley Very Happy 

@gordie10 I don't have full WhatsApp stats after my phone had that meltdown at the start of my holiday, but since then (around 17th July) I've sent 6,097 and received 6,433 messages. Smiley Tongue That's still around 200 messages a day!
rocket scientist
Great blog @bethanaaay Ive been and installed both youf 'health and fitness ' apps,they sound really useful. Im already a Paypal lover so I agree with you there. Thanks for the info and I look forward to reading your next blog.👍
big cheese

@bethanaaay wrote:

@gordie10 I don't have full WhatsApp stats after my phone had that meltdown at the start of my holiday, but since then (around 17th July) I've sent 6,097 and received 6,433 messages. Smiley Tongue That's still around 200 messages a day!

Blimey - nearly as many messages in one month as I've sent in 7! Smiley Surprised And you were supposed to have been on holiday for the first half of that month! Blabbermouth. Smiley Tongue


I can't use PayPal, as my surname is slightly different to my husband's.  I have kept my maiden name, and hyphenated his name to the end of it.  As we have a joint bank account, PayPal don't allow the same bank account to be shared by people with different surnames.  So I just use my husband's account for giffgaff payback into PayPal.

Great review, most of the apps listed I have already on my phone, whatsapp, PayPal, and of course YouTube! I also like the BBC news app as well as the Guardian app. My favourite of course, is the mygiffgaff app! 😜 ☺📱😊

I don't have any of those apps though I do use paypal ,I just can't bring myself to trust phone security. Apart from tune-in I think the apps I most use are ones to identify funghi, plants, birds etc.Thanks for sharing.  Smiley Happy


A good selection of apps.


Tapatalk is a big favorite of mine. A very quick an easy way to read forums especially if you are active on multipe forums. Great app (but the adverts are a tad annoying!).