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free tickets to Campus Party Europe: Re-type Europe’s source code

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"The world is in the middle of a major shift, in which a global economic crisis threatens the pillars of society and the future model of Europe is being questioned. We believe that it is time for a step forward, and for European geeks to raise their voices. We have a message to communicate - we must help, we have a lot to say about the New Europe, and that is why we have a clear goal: “Re-type Europe’s source code”


It sounds like the start of an epic game, the mission; to bring together 10,000 passionate participants to transform Europe into a better place.


Telefónica and Futura Networks have signed a partnership to stage the first-ever Pan-European Campus Party this summer.  Berlin has been named as the host city for the August event which aims to unite 10,000 developers, gamers, typography enthusiasts (iceqntrider Smiley Wink), amateur astronomers, geeks (and maybe you) who are attending this event. It's the world’s largest technology festival encompassing innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment. There's over 800 hours of presentations, discussions and workshops on all aspects of digital innovations and electronic entertainment taking place over 6 summer days. Including a gaming stadium, 11 content stages for countless talks, 2 dedicated workshop areas to get your hands dirty, (previous quests have been making robots, disassembling computers and making 360 videos), amazing challenges; zepplin races, Iron Geek, Android vs IOs robot football and many others, plus a huge festival like indoor camping area (tents provided by the event organisers). 


“Imagine SXSW meets Burning Man meets Makers Faire meets Spring Break meets Bar Camps.”
Daniel Ben-Horin, TechSoup Global


DatesDo you want to attend this event? 


5,000 people are getting the chance to attend this event with your ticket, transport and accommodation fully paid. TheBigThink scheme Campus Party are inviting tech geniuses across Europe to pitch their ideas on how we can “re-type Europe’s source code.” The best 5,000 entries will be chosen and their creators invited to attend the Berlin event, completely free, including transport, event tickets and accommodation.


Think of your best ideal for the European Digital Agenda. You should try to summarize it in a tweet, but if you need more room, you can write a brief blog post explaining your idea or record a video and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, etc., making sure to include the link in your tweet with the idea. Between May 15 and June 15 tweet your idea with the Twitter geolocation feature activated and include the general hashtag #I4DA and one of the following category hashtags that corresponds with your idea:


» #I4DA #YouthEmployment
» #I4DA #AgingWell
» #I4DA #Entrepreneurship
» #I4DA #Health
» #I4DA #InternetRights


The massive task of choosing the best ideas and selecting 5,000 camuseros will be down to some of the most important universities from each country in the EU, with the winners being announced in early July.


Alternatively you can buy your ticket here


Here's some live examples of this exciting call to action;

  • I4DA YouthEmployment fomenting of international internships like "Erasmus Practices" making easier the mobility of young people.
  • Totally 2.0 Universities! Teachers introducing applications as an active element in classroom I4DA youthemployment
  • I4DA AgingWell involve seniors with social media so they can stay connected with their loved ones.
  • A network to put in touch people with complementary skills to launch new projects I4DA Entrepreneurship 
  • I4DA Entrepreneurship My Idea : create an electricity meter linked to a internet through a wifi network to read it without moving to it.

What would you change?




For all the latest news you can follow Campus Party Europe here;


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