giffgaff Advent Calendar: Day 16

giffgaff Advent Calendar: Day 16

by tobias_b on ‎16-12-2011 19:46 - last edited on ‎20-08-2014 09:12 by zobia22 (597 Views)

Hey guys, it's the 16th so that means the 16th advent calendar door is opened today!


Today's image comes from Brulaw, Santa being a tad irresponsible (and fun Smiley Wink)


Cheers Brulaw!



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by stephenmiller
on ‎16-12-2011 19:54

Great picture, a little on the history of the santa image and Coca Cola which the jolly old man is delivering in the picture Smiley Happy

by brulaw
‎16-12-2011 20:08 - edited ‎16-12-2011 20:10

Thanks  stephen  ,  thats a really good link ( how did  you know the bottles in the crate are  Coca Cola   Smiley Very Happy  ) .

by stealthybigboss2
on ‎17-12-2011 18:13
I like!
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