giffgaff Advent Calendar: Day 24

giffgaff Advent Calendar: Day 24

by the_joseph on ‎24-12-2011 16:16 - last edited on ‎19-08-2014 16:09 by zobia22 (1,732 Views)

And so it is Christmas Eve and here is the final day of our advent calendar, including all so far!


Thankyou for joining me in this endeavour; thankyou to all those who submitted images, thankyou to all those who commented on the blogs or in the off-topic thread, thankyou to everyone for even looking at any of them and I hope it brought you even a sliver of festive joy. It's been fun.


So here is the final image from myself, my attempt at a Christmas tree. I hope yours is visited by Santa tonight and you receive everything you wish for.



Thankyou again!


Below are all the rest of the images from the start of this month!


Day 1. By myself (the_joseph):


Day 2. By Cinami:


Day 3. By myself:


Day 4. By Googleyberry.


 Day 5. By Cinami.



Day 6. From me.



Day7. From me again.


Day 8. From Brulaw


Day 9. From Brulaw

Day 10. from Cinami

Day 11 - the_joseph


Day 12. From Brulaw


Day 13.  From Alexb38


Day 14. From AdamF (click the image for high res version)


 Day 15. From telltale.


Day 16. By Brulaw



Day 17. By Darkrage


Day 18. From Cinami


Day 19. By me


Day 20. By me again.


Day 21. From me

Day 22: From severian



Day 23. From me


by iphone_user
on ‎24-12-2011 16:17
Merry Christmas :-) to all at giffgaff and giffgaffers alike. :-)
by ts
on ‎24-12-2011 16:22

seasons greetings Smiley Happy

by sidbrazil
on ‎24-12-2011 16:22
Merry Christmas to all giffgaff & giffgaffer's :-)
by big cheese pinkcalculator
on ‎24-12-2011 16:23
I was trying to get to full site but it keeps bumping me off Smiley Sad So here's a Chrismas tree from me too Sorry you'll have to have the full link instead of the nice box but you can click on it Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
by stealthybigboss2
on ‎24-12-2011 18:00
by cor
on ‎24-12-2011 18:34

thank you for that.............merry xmas......

by brulaw
on ‎24-12-2011 18:54


Well done Joe ,  and  

Seasons Greetings to all ...... 

by bilalmukhtar1
on ‎24-12-2011 19:25


by rave2npg
on ‎25-12-2011 10:36

Merry xmas everone

by kelvinlewis
on ‎25-12-2011 13:50

Merry Christmas everyone

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