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giffgaff Charity Day

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Hi Everybody,

So you all know giffgaff means mutual giving, but sometimes here at the gaff we like to give without getting anything back. Well apart from that warm feeling in your tummy when we help others..


We haven’t really had a charity day here since Movember last year and we decided it’s time to eat a whole load of cakes and raise some money for Princes Trust.

We chose this charity because they are great at helping young people get started in life by various training and mentoring programmes.


Instead of just getting a sugar rush from all the cakes (which is inevitably followed by a sugar downer) we all gathered together for a big family lunch too.

As the saying goes – pictures paint a thousand words – I’ve included a few pictures of our delicious food and the team lunch.


If you wonder about what we did, what we ate and how much we raised, please read on!


In the morning we all brought in our sweet treats – we had brownies, a scrumptious carrot cake, some shop bought cakes from the busy bunnies and walnut cupcakes. I have to say my personal favourite was the carrot cake, which had bananas in it too. I was a bit confused but it was goooooood Smiley Tongue

It took us two days to eat them, but we did a very good job at it as you can see from Sheenas attempt Smiley Happy


 7-2.jpeg                          10-2.jpeg


For lunch we all bought in different types of foods – from a cold potato salad, a brown rice salad, chicken to some pasta and a cheese board. Check out Claire making her salad in the office!


13-2.jpeg            11-2.jpeg           21-2.jpeg


We just about managed to keep awake in the afternoon after such a feast..

Here’s a few snapshots of us munching on all the delights.










But the best bit is left to the last and I can proudly announce that we raised £100 for the charity. Here’s a pic of me depositing the money to the bank, and before you say so it wasn’t my personal bank account Smiley Very Happy.




After our fundraiser I spoke to the Princes Trust and they were delighted we raised the money.

Frankly we are more than pleased too...Smiley Very Happy


is this why the PAYG prices are going up to cover the cake charges?! Smiley Wink


thank you for the picture,great to see it was all in a good cause.


It'd be nice if all work places could adopt you working ethics, eating cake, helping a charity, I'd be in heaven. Smiley Happy

former giff-staffer

@jamesd2010 - its not a bicycle its a Musicle from our tool hire back when we launched (


@joolzian - did you want the AA to sponsor you? Smiley Tongue


And thanks all for your warm comments, really appreciate them :-)

very nice!

Did an event with the Prices Trust in March, inviting disadvantaged teenagers into the workplace to show them what a work environment can be like.  It's a great cause making a big difference to a lot of people's lives.  Well done guys.

I received the money in my account. Thanks :-)