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giffgaff Halloween: Snapchat Filter, New Halloween Campaign and Spotify Playlist

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It's Halloween time and giffgaff like to get everyone involved as much as possible because they are cool like that.                  

 So what is happening around the giffgaff forums?  

Snapchat competition.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.08.54.png


 On Saturday there will be lots of Halloween parties going on and lots of spooky photos being taken and shared. So why not get involved with the giffgaff Halloween Snapchat filter and share your photos on the photography board. This filter will be available for one day only on Saturday 29th October so use it as much as you can.  If you don't have Snapchat on your phone then you can download it here 'Snapchat'. It would be amazing to see what photos you take, then upload them to the photograph thread. Click Here to take part in the competition.


How to use the giffgaff filter on Snapchat:


The Music Box - Film

giffgaff love making short films and this one is one of their scariest yet. Filmed on location in a car park, a grave yard and down a dark and eerie country lane, with more evil than you can shake a disembodied arm at! 

This is the forth year running that giffgaff have made a Halloween-themed film, this time directed by giffgaff's brand director Tom Rainsford. Inspired by horror movies, the film asks viewers to ‘end the nightmare’ of fixed two-year mobile contracts. So cool!


Don't look back, just RUN! Click 'Here' to visit the thread.


Ultimate Halloween Playlist


What are your favourite Halloween tunes? As many of us venture out to Halloween parties we are going to need some scary tunes to get us in the mood. giffgaff member @bluemoonbaz wants help creating a playlist on Spotify of all the great scary songs, so check out what songs are there and how you can listen to them and add your own. Click 'Here' to take you there.




Stay safe and don't get too scared! 


Flaxvert loves making vids, all those years in amateur dramatics are paying off. Blogging every Friday, if you want me to review an Android app just ask. 



I just love the short films giffgaff make HeartSmiley Very HappySmiley Wink


The Snapchat competition sounds ace. 

Great short film. Happy Halloween @flaxvert.

Loved the filter! Smiley Very Happy

Great giffgaff Halloween video!


Just added giffgaff on Snapchat


Entertaining film as always

Looking forward to seeing the winning Snapchat entry!


How do I start my goody bag early. Got 458mb left and usually it comes up if you want to start a queued goody bag early but it hasn'


Giffgaff are the most unhelpful network providers i have had the misfortune of using. needless to say im off to another provider. the on line help is as much use as an ashtray on a moterbike, OK rant over. Why can't some people ring me, they can text but not ring, i can ring them. no one on the community seems able to help. the customer service number gets you to O2 but because GG wont pay them for helping us they wont