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Hi guys,


Following on nicely from last night's blog on 'top ten tips for mobile photography' we got together with a group of social media savvy bloggers and took to the streets of London for a special smartphone photography workshop and Instagram walking tour.


With our professional photographer and tour guide, the Instagrammers learned how to create the best images from just their handsets with pro tips on composition, framing and lighting. And what better way to put their new found skills into practice than at some of London’s top 50 hashtagged locations?


Check out some of the results below and search for the hashtag ‘giffgaffsnaps’ (#giffgaffsnaps) on Instagram to see more. You’d never know these came from smartphones Smiley Wink



Taken by @aroundtheworldin80pairsofshoes 






Taken by @pippasays



Taken by @rebeccacohen_Rebecca



 Taken by @emily_oregan


And lastly, a group pic of all the bloggers that took part in the photography and Instagram walking tour:  

Instagram bloggers


To see more pictures, search for 'giffgaffsnaps' on Instagram Smiley Happy 




Some really good and interesting pictures there

That's a good turnout for a giffgaff photography walking tour! Kudos!


Wow the third is a surprisingly interesting with the juxtaposition of the graffiti and coffee. Graffiti can be interepreted as a rebellion of social norms and mandated social ettiquette with the coffee cups taking the role of compliance with the same things. The statement being that those that aren't part of the rebellion often aren't even aware that there's a rebellion going on and just see photo opportunities instead of statements. Either extremely compelling or I'm seeing things that aren't really there again Smiley Very Happy

Oh cool, need to check these out on Instagram, have an account so need to add giffgaff! :-) Nice pics. ;-)
head honcho
Good time of year for a walk around london as it gets dark early and you can see everything lit up without having to stay to late as well as the daytime view too.

Quite a large turnout. The results look good.


Excellent and different post. Like the pictures too Smiley Happy


 Are there different kinds of accounts on Instagram? I have an account, but it doesn't offer me any way to search for anything?