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giffgaff International Campaign – The Top Things to Know About Your Hometown

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Are you going travelling and don’t know where’s best to visit or go out? Are you thinking of a more permanent move abroad and looking to work or study somewhere new? Or are you just bored of visiting the same places and want to visit somewhere different instead?


giffgaff have launched a new campaign to find out more about the best places to visit when you set off on an adventure. We’re working with a selection of international bloggers who are new to the UK to map out the most exciting attractions, best features and hidden gems of their hometowns all over the world. When we’re finished, we’ll be able to put all their suggestions in a cool, handy guide which could inspire your next big holiday!


giffgaff’s aim is to make it’s easier for newcomers to the UK, settle in by teaching us about where they come from. We also have a great range of international calling rates allowing visitors to call their families abroad, or for your parents to keep track on you whilst you’re travelling around the world! You can also check out how much it costs you to phone abroad with our International Tariffs infographic.


However, we’d also like some suggestions from our fantastic community to help us fill in the gaps. Whether it’s the best restaurant you’ve visited on holiday, a not-to-be-missed tourist attraction or a unique experience you’ve never forgotten, we want to hear from you!


Comment below to let us know your suggestions and stay tuned for more updates on our campaign coming soon Smiley Happy 

Oh that's a good way of tapping into the multicultural society we live in now. We might as well learn a few tips about where the come from. Kudos!
This is great way of telling people about international calling as well as learning about different places around the world and different cultures. Love this idea! Nice one giffgaff. :-)
giffgaff to the grave

Every international student coming to study at Cambridge that I meet chooses giffgaff. They will be very happy to see their hometown featured in this campaign. Good idea, giffgaff! Smiley Happy

I'm hoping that someone will blog about my favourite city Istanbul! Best tip is not to stay in the old historical tourist area Sultanahment but to stay in the young, hip centre of European Istanbul - Beyoglu! There's so many more options here after the sightseeing is over at night to entertain yourself.


I work in Queensferry which holds the illustrious honour of being the starting point for the Wales coastal path, the only dedicated footpath along a countries entire coastline in the world. Won numerous accolades from National Geographic, Lonely Planet and various other travel establishments. I haven't made the entire 870 mile trek myself but I've seensome pretty large chunks of my local area.


This girl takes loads of nice photos of the area



Wait. Is this about my hometown or where I went on holiday? I'm not sure.



A nice idea, I would suggest people go to Warwick Castle or Coombe Abbey in my local area for beautiful days out. 

I know the Midlands is a multi-cultural hotspot, not sure however that Warwick counts as abroad just yet Smiley Very Happy

Nice idea.

top cat

As some of the comments here suggest, this is a bit confusing. Smiley Frustrated


I had to read through it a couple of times before working out this is about recommending places overseas that UK residents can visit on holiday or emigrate to, with the recommendations coming from people who have moved from those places to the UK.


Right, @victoriatagg?