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Community changes 01 DEC 2011

handy giff-staffer


To ensure we continue providing the best experience possible at, we introduced a few changes this past 01 DEC 2011 :


My giffgaff

The pre-selection for Payback has probably been the most complex set of journeys we released last week. Based on your feedback, and to make sure members are not missing out, we've made a big effort to open up the window of Payback selection even before you know what your final tally is. From now on, you will be able to select or change your Payback method at any time. Just be aware that from the 06 DEC to aprox 06 JAN payback will be locked. However, by 06 JAN 2012 you will be able to select what you want to do with JUN 2012's Payback.


Another change you might have noticed in My giffgaff is the Agent messages Inbox and the new Community widget. For next releases we'll also be displaying messages from the community.


Mobile site

The mobile site has been fully redesigned. The idea is to provide an improved experience to our members when browsing We continue with the basic my account, top-up & sim order functionality, however we have designed an architecture that will allow us to grow into new features. Based on your feedback, our idea for future releases is to add SIM activation, Phone settings and Spread giffgaff into the mobile experience. BTW, we have noticed a couple of bugs in the payment process which we'll try to get sorted this week.


Activation & top-up

Following e-commerce best practices, and as suggested by some members, we've added a final confirmation step into the top-up and activation funnels when paying with credit card.


Next releases will include: BlackBerry Add-on, Home Page redesign, Our Offer redesign, unlockapedia fixes, the team update, amongst others.


As you can see, although these past weeks haven't been easy for us, we continue working hard to improve the experiences to make giffgaff the best online network. A special thanks to our developers in Barcelona and to our web designer, Marc for the massive efforts they've been doing lately.


At giffgaff, web design is like energy. It's neither created nor destroyed, it just changes shape. Please continue providing us feedback so we carry on improving giffgaff's shape.


Thanks for letting us know, keep up the good work.
Thanks for this update! I'msure this clears up the ambiguity of the whoe site redesign and the many problems that were attached to it Smiley Happy


Thanks for letting up know keep the good work up!
Thanks for this enlightening update! Just a heads up: On the community widget, it says I last visited in 1970? It doesn't for my mum and sister. When will BIS come?

keep up the good work guys ...  glitches always happen in re-designs

and it's such a shame that when change happens the forum can get full of posts from the impatient amongst us.



Kim, you wrote  "A special thanks to our developers in Barcelona"

nice place Barcelona,

if you have any problems with them, I will be glad volunteer to pop over for you !

I'm an OAP with plenty spare time on my hands, but you would need to pay for the trip ! (I'll sort golf clubs carriage myself)

Great stuff. Thanks for letting us know. I'm sure the vast majority appreciate your hard work and continued development of not just the website but also the network in general.
heavy hitter
You do realise the payback widget doesnt work from mobiles so people who dont have computer access like me cant choose their payback method
@Liam bis should be coming on the 8th

The biggest point missing from the mobile site is still the options button to edit posts & more importantly report content.....

there is continuous mention of this point & i'm somewhat surprised it's not been addressed.

generally tho, much better all round, both desktop & mobile

keep up the improvements guys