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handy giff-staffer

It's been a few weeks since the last site update post. I apologise for that, we’ve been extremely busy with the launch of BlackBerry services, monitoring the site, spotting bugs and fixing them and of course planning our marketing activity for 2012! You probably have noticed a few the changes already,  the list below compiles the most important ones.


Home Page

We started making a few changes right before the year ended. We got rid of the carousel and increased the prominence of the Call to Action buttons (Order a SIM / Activate a SIM). This alone improved our clicks from the Home page to those sections by +25%. This week we replaced the crazy iconographic design for the about us video. Below fold we’ve exposed our communities even more. We now have more blog posts, community posts, added Faccebook Facepile and 3 tweet feeds. No moderation at all on them. We like to be open and honest about our benefits and areas to improve. The Home page designs were shared and improved thanks to the feedback from the community.


Styleguide review

We’ve changed the style of our buttons and links. Buttons are a bit more rounded, more modern and links are blue instead of underlined. This small change will make our site look more tidy and professional, more in line to the conventions that companies like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube have established.


BlackBerry Add-on

The all time top idea from the ideas board was finally launched the 01 FEB 2012. It took us long but we are proud to be offering BlackBerry services for only £3 on top of your goodybag. Obviously a change like this affects all our e-commerce, landing pages, activation and top-up funnels . The BlackBerry Add-on has become the third item you can add in your e-commerce basket and has become extremely popular very quickly; looking at the product page it already accumulates more likes than any of our gigabags launched back in October 2011. BTW, since yesterday you can also buy Hokey Cokey with BlackBerry.


Unlockapedia and Lithium ratings

The unlockapedia has always been one of the most challenging complex projects for giffgaff, we feel it’s been successful in terms of driving traffic from search engines however due to the way it was coded we haven't had the chance to tweak the content easily. Fortunately we’ve put a lot of effort into this over the past weeks and we will soon have a fully functional platform. Since yesterday we have started to use Lithium’s new Review system, which will make the process a lot more integrated with the community.


Our offer

We have added the HotUKdeals button on each one of our goodybags to try to gain a bit more exposure through their site.


Coming soon: Goodybag renewal automatically, redesign of Spread giffgaff, About us and My giffgaff. Watch this space.




Goodie Bag renewal is a very usefull addition
Why won't it let me buy goody bags it keeps telling me I can only top up
Is this y the site wont let me buy a goody bag anymore. Just topped up and the site lets me redeam a voucher but wont let me buy a goody bag (10 goody bag). As i have an internet active phone it as started to take my credit so tried to buy a smaller bag (5 hokey dokey) and that didnt work. Iv tried via phone and pc an no look not a happy cookie and rather disapointd as i have never had problems with giffgaff b4 sum1 please help
Look forward to good bag auto renew. Problems topping up goody back does let site down at present.
I managd to buy a goody bag nw but am not happy as all the mess up has made me only able to buy a 5 pound goody bag instead of a 10 goody bag. Lets hope this is sortd b4 next month :-(

safe for the information

hi can any1 help me get my age verifcations off here plz thank u as i am 32yrs old

Would it not be better to iron out problems such as-- How the hell you get to use gigabags with 02 dongle for laptops please?


Also Giffgaff have informed me i have used all my (3 gig) data when i've not even connected yet. fantastic! Come on someone get this sorted please or send me my hard earned tenner back. Have had to top up T-MOBILE dongle again to get online and it works fine! NOT HAPPY!