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giffgaff community hits one million posts within two years

former giff-staffer
Hi everyone,


We've hit an amazing milestone together after just under two years of starting the giffgaff community. Together we've all contributed to the success of giffgaff and make this community what it is today. I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and long may it continue. I'm very excited as I can now reveal that last Monday the giffgaff community hit an amazing 1 million posts!
So this week we've been looking back at some of our favourite threads from the past two years to share with you. Enjoy ^^ Smiley Wink;
From the ever brilliant trick202 wrote an intrepid rant on the scandalous prices of Fish and Chips. A brilliant metaphor for a customer's picky wants. 
All the way through to this member posting about a rather embarrassing situation which started with him admitting to eating some of his sim card....
Who can forget cjtaylor03 attempts to make Koolaid Wine... "Anyone else ever tried this or fermenting something else really weird?"
Severian posted this absolutely stunning, although image heavy, thread of cinemagraphs, introducing the new art form to the community. 
While Navi51 writes about a cynic's view of giffgaff Smiley Wink
Hamishlaw finds out our secret.... giffgaff can read your mind! and when we're not being telepathic - we're being run by the police! (queue andy0's comment which made me giggle Smiley Happy)
Zerodudex333 told us about his 'Wilky Wonka' phone call which promotes a few others to share their funny phone calls with company call centres. 
We also enjoyed reading the comments on 'Micro SIMs - Cut and fit...', where our members discussed the techniques of cutting SIMs into Micro-SIMs. Pinkcalculator: "lol I've got three orange ones, how many will I need to practice on. "
Funkylogik talks about his maneating pet snail.... to be fair - we get more of our fair share of unusual threads from Funky - The time he ran out of toilet roll, the time he lost a snake, and the time he tried to boil an egg... 
13 worst slogan translations by stephen1972  (this one tickles your feet) "When Parker Pen marketed a ball-point pen in Mexico, its ads were supposed to have read, "It won't leak in your pocket and embarrass you." The company thought that the word "embarazar" (to impregnate) meant to embarrass, so the ad read: "It won't leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.""
And I know we've definitely missed out some great ones, so please help remind us of some moments of pure brilliance by linking your favourite threads with a short description, on your journey to one million giffgaff posts?
Thank you all again for making this so much fun,

Who got the 1 millionth post??

former giff-staffer

That will forever be a mistery. Smiley Happy


I didn't want to single anyone out for that as it is something we have done together, rather than the person who just happened to hit the reply/submit button at the right time Smiley Wink


What was the millionth post?

heavy hitter
It soon mounts up

and was it done today or was it only noticed today?


There was a thread about it in Off Topic where someone narrowed it down to a handful of users. Of course, that was 'our' interpretation of the millionth post, giffgaffs could be different.


Link to thread:

rocket scientist
1 million posts! Hurrah Smiley Very Happy and i got mentioned too, double hurrah! Smiley Very Happy thanks Vincent Smiley Happy, although you've put Wilky Wonka instead of Willy Wonka, may want to change that Smiley Wink Smiley Tongue

hc_1540 wrote:
There was a thread about it in Off Topic where someone narrowed it down to a handful of users. Of course, that was 'our' interpretation of the millionth post, giffgaffs could be different.

That only took account of visible posts by the numbers on the front page. Loads will have been vanished in moderation over the two years so the million will have been reached earlier than it seemed.


Woo Hoo - I got a mention, I got a mention - does a wee dance around the study (cat not happy as managed to stand on its tail doing the dance) but hey ho when fame come calling the world has to be ready for me. Smiley Happy


I am so excited that I am going to make myself a badge.


Vinnie don't get me wrong i am dead happy but where is my t-shirt ? Baltic for the last few weeks as I have been topless waiting on my reward for the 1,000th post - you don't want me to get a sniffle do you ?



Do we get any cake? Smiley Tongue