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giffgaff goes Wonka - giffgaff for good

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Hi all,


Welcome to the December giffgaff for good project. You may remember last year we did a Christmas Charity Bake Sale called 'Pay As You Dough', we raised over £700 for Shelter.


This year we are doing something similar, except we are going 'Wonka'. Yes, we will be kitting out the giffgaff office chocolate factory style, and hosting a small, internal, fundraiser by selling our very own giffgaff for good chocolate bars - all of the money from these will go to the NSPCC - which was the third most voted for charity for December's official payback charity, so if you voted for NSPCC then here is your chance to still donate to them through giffgaff.



All you need to do to donate is text GGFG55 and the amount you wish to donate (we suggest £1, £2, £3, £4 or £5) to 70070 and the money will be automatically be deducted from your airtime balance and donated to the NSPCC. As an extra incentive, everyone who donates through through JustGiving between now and the closing of this competition will be entered into a raffle to win an amazing Samsung Galaxy S3 which will be drawn on the 16th of December.




Also, as a nice little extra incentive, we have over 100 giffgaff for good chocolate bars set aside for the members - which we will send to the first 100 or so members who donate through this campaign. Scrumdiddlyumptious.




We have a follow up blog for this event on the 23rd, so we will tell you how we did then, but you can track the
donation progress through the JustGiving page: 


Please remember that the donation comes out of airtime credit - so you will need to have some. Also, do not add gift aid, because of the raffle element makes it uneligible for this. Thanks.


Thank you in advance for everyone who decides to get involved in this, let's see what we can do to help stop cruelty to children. To see other giffgaff for good events, please take a look at the official thread here. Where you can also read the T&C's for this raffle.


Kind regards,


Donated, this is excellent.
giffgaff; ergo sum

I'm in,donation sent.


A quick tip for anyone else thinking of giving,when you input the amount of money you're donating in your text you need to use this format "£5" not "£5.00" or you'll get a reply telling you the amount can't be processed.

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So do the chocolate go to the people who text first?

Donated £2 Smiley Happy, out of intrest, how do you work out who texted in first?


Done hope i get a choc bar


its saying 38 on the page


so i guess only 38 bar gone at this point

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donated Smiley Very Happy Great cause - thanks giffgaff.


I didn't have enough phone credit so found the corresponding justgiving page - hope thats still ok.

A great idea & a worth while cause
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This is wonderful! Great way to encourage people to donate, very easy to do it as well especially as must of us don't use airtime credit very often due to goodybags so its often a few quid just waiting there, i've donated. 

Looking forward to seeing what youre done for the fundrasier in the office tomorrow, when are you holding it? Will there be a blog with photos? Smiley Very Happy

Great idea