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giffgaff is go for launch on 25th November….

former giff-staffer

After a frantic last week and a half, I’m very happy to be able to announce our launch date. Its been a huge task to build a mobile business from scratch in just over 8 months– but with lots of elbow grease, late night testing and Krispy Kreme doughnut eating by the giffgaff team, we’ve beaten our targetof launching before Christmas by some way.


We’re keeping details of our launch pricing under our hat until next Wednesday but, as we’ve been discussing in our forums we will be launching with a free data allowance of 100MB per day – and will be asking our members to tell us how they think we should price it when we introduce charging next year.


We’re also going to be “people powering” our launch advertising by asking members to help make us famous, by hiring and videoing themselves using one of our helpful giffgaff tools – you can get a look behind the scenes at the team who are building these here. In true giffgaff fashion our intrepid video stars will get rewarded – everyone who posts a video will become a V.I.g. (Very Important giffgaffer) and get a special V.I.g. SIM card that gives them free UK calls, texts and data for a year.


Making sure our existing members are well looked after is as important as getting new ones for us, so we’re applying people power to that too. We’ve already got an active community on our forums and we’ve decided to give the most helpful forum members the chance to get V.I.g SIMs as well – look out for a forum post from Claire later on today to find out how this will work.  So if you’re naturally nice and helpful, get ready to contribute and earn your V.I.g. spurs.


So, the waiting is nearly over. If you like the what we’re doing you can order a SIM from next Wednesday here at - we’re looking forward to working with you.




can't wait!!


i've got my PAC code ready...


Maybe you'll be Member 0000001 pinkllama Smiley Happy


Good news - thanks for letting forum users know in advance - it's cool to be part of something new and shiny!