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giffgaff is now live - welcome to the world of people powered mobile

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We said we’d be people powered – and for those new to giffgaff, that means we’re involving our members in our business and rewarding them for their efforts.  True to our word, we’re people powering our launch.  We don’t have mega advertising budgets so we need our members to help make us famous –  if you’re handy with a video camera and have a sense of humour why not try hiring one of our tools from our tool site and shoot a film for us – this is giffgaff, so if you do a good job you’ll get rewarded with a V.I.G giving you FREE mobile calls, texts and web browsing for a whole year.  What’s more, we’ve got £5000 waiting for the five best videos. Check out our ‘how to’ videos to get a feel for it. Another way to get V.I.G is by helping other members answer their questions in the community. Click here to find out more.



Then there’s giffgaff payback, which is how we recognise and reward all the nice things members do to help us out.  With Payback you earn points for helping out giffgaff – you can get someone else to join, help another member with their giffgaff queries or help our marketing team with ideas, web site content or ad production. Each point is worth a penny and you can convert them to cash, mobile credit or a charity donation twice a year. Helping someone join giffgaff by giving them a SIM will earn 500 points (or £5) for the existing member – and there’s no limit to how many people you can sign up – anyone out there fancy a new career?



With the help of our members we’ll keep our costs down – and that means that we can offer great prices for our mobile service.  It’s sort of our vision to be the most honest and transparent mobile network and that led us to a competitive and simple pricing strategy for launch.  Calls to UK mobiles and landlines will cost just 8p per minute and texts just 4p.  We also wanted our members to feel the benefit of the giffgaff community growing – so we’ve made most calls between giffgaff phones free – so the bigger and more successful we become, the more free calls our members can make.



Call abroad a bit? With giffgaff you won’t get ripped off – we’ve chosen 36 of the most popular destinations around the world where it will only cost you just 8p to call a landline and 16p to call a mobile regardless of time of day.


Use the internet on your phone? Web browsing from your handset will be free at launch – we’d like our members to tell how they use the internet on their phone and how best to pay for it. Because we’re people powered we’ll listen, and do our very best to introduce charging that’s simple to understand, fair and great value for money in 2010.


In fact these conversations have started with our founding member community.  We’ve already seen great ideas on future pricing and mobile internet and our pricing will evolve with the input of those members.  We’d love to hear more though, so keep the ideas coming, we are listening.



I hope you like what we’ve done – let us know your thoughts one way or the other on our forum or order a SIM from our site right here – the SIM is free – all you have to is order your first £10 top-up.



And finally – you’ll have noticed that we haven’t taken “beta” off our site yet – that’s because we’ve lots of features to add to our website and mobile service to make them even better. Whilst we’re doing this we’ll keep you updated on what features are arriving when and asking you which new ones you’d like to see. Just visit the blog or follow us on Twitter.




Andrew Woodvine

I'm glad the pricing has remained simple and you haven't introduced a million and one different tariff options.


A few questions/observations:


1. is there any minimum call charge?  That can make a big difference!


2. according to picture messages to other mobiles are £0.16 per MB.  Are you sure you're charging for MMS based on the volume of data transferred or do you really mean £0.16 per MMS?


3. according to call forwarding to other mobiles and landlines is 8p a minute.  Will call forwarding definitely be supported?  You might find it's not actually possible with a pre-pay offering!


4. can I port my number in?


5. finally, when I tried to submit this it said tha tmy email addres is already in use and I must enter a different email address before submitting my post.  It's still a valid address anyway.


Sounds great can’t wait to get my SIM and get onboard.  Good work giffgaff.