giffgaff makes a spooktacular move into Uxbridge.

giffgaff makes a spooktacular move into Uxbridge.

by handy giff-staffer gaffer on ‎31-10-2012 14:21 - last edited on ‎23-09-2014 15:23 by handy giff-staffer zobia22

I thought I’d use this month’s blog to introduce you to our new office – not a typical blog topic from me I’ll admit – but important none the less!


Why so? Well, office environments make a big difference to way people work and help shape the culture of an organisation. We also think that since you do so much work for us that we should be open about the way we work too.


For those of you who’ve been with us for a while you’ll know that we started out in the top floor of The Old Rectory in Beaconsfield. It was a small space in a very old building –we chose it because it had a bit of character and would help everyone think differently.


We didn’t have a building management company –so we all had to muck in to make things work. One of my jobs was changing the light bulbs – due to long arms and modicum of DIY skill!


Just about the only downside was that, being made up of 5 separate rooms, informal communication wasn’t as natural as it should be.


For our new office there were some key things we wanted…


  • A more communal workspace.
  • One central kitchen/drinks prep area.
  • An out-door area that was easy to get to.
  • To feel informal/fun.
  • Closer to London & and on a tube line.
  • No more expensive (per sq m) that our old office.
  • Space to grow.

So here we are – 1st floor, Hertz House in Uxbridge.



Here’s our new work space .. that’s my desk in the foreground with this blog on the laptop screen…



And our Kitchen…



The out-door terrace (including astro-turf)…



And our spinning top chairs – demonstrated by Gregg.



And here’s our space to grow into – 1st stop is our own, in-house dev team from Q1 next year.



We also got the right price for the lease and worked really hard to keep the fit out costs to a minimum – here are some of things we did to keep the cost down…

  • Bought 2nd hand desks
  • Re-used lots of things from the old office.
  • Re-used the existing layout of meeting rooms and the existing carpets.
  • Kept the colour scheme simple (white!)
  • Bought furniture from “non-corporate” suppliers including Ikea.

We sold most of the old furniture to the next residents of the old office – what was left over we auctioned off on eBay or to staff and raised over £700 for charity.


You’ll also notice that we are indeed having some fun in the new office with a bit of a Halloween vibe going on today...



The other thing you may notice is that quite a few of the walls are blank – we deliberately did this so giffgaff staff could personalise the space. We’ve also left a wall for you – if you’re feeling artistic head over to this thread in the community to find out how to take part.


We really like our new office – hope you do too – please let me know what you think.


Mike F

(aka the gaffer)

by as7861
‎31-10-2012 14:26 - edited ‎31-10-2012 14:40

Wohaaay. Look great Smiley Happy In house dev team Smiley Wink Guessing iPhone App maker (confidence) will be their as well Smiley Happy (from Q1 next year 2013) 


P.s I'm quite sure back in 2008 Coca Cola had a office right next to the building Smiley Happy Maybe they are still their Smiley Wink 

by no51get
on ‎31-10-2012 14:28

Very impressed.......and just love the kitchen area....!!

by mitchell98
on ‎31-10-2012 14:28

With a few traditional GiffGaff coloured squares dotted here-and-there, it will be a nice and fun place to work!


I have to say, the kitchen looks brilliant and I wish I worked there.. (just for the funky kitchen!)


Nice move, nice office..


Happy Halloween!

by jburnham96
on ‎31-10-2012 14:36

I can't imagine it being easy to get much work done in a 'spinning top chair', is it?


If you got that from Ikea I will be looking for one next time I am there! 

by giffgaff; ergo sum bertiebat
‎31-10-2012 14:42 - edited ‎31-10-2012 14:43

Looking great and I just love the new offices Smiley Happy


You've also made me very happy to see (buried in the rest of this post) this news 1st stop is our own, in-house dev team from Q1 next year. Smiley Happy


Really looking forward to how that might the difference in how much giffgaff can develop in the future.  An early Christmas present as far as I'm concerned. Smiley Happy



by morvin
on ‎31-10-2012 14:49

Wow this looks AMAZING, better than Facebook office. Look forward to visiting it one day.

by eqra
on ‎31-10-2012 14:56

whao cooolllllll Smiley Surprised

by eqra
on ‎31-10-2012 14:57

giffgaff office im near you im in Northolt i`ll come and visit you Smiley Happy

by big cheese pinkcalculator
on ‎31-10-2012 15:02
As I've been to the office its nice to see the extras that have been added. Gregg your just the sort that would be swinging on the chairs sitting at the dinner table, and I give my kids a right telling off about that ! Looks like your all having a good time there today I know in not always happy with how things are going but it is good to see and hear about the things that have gone well and the in house dev team is a good start. Roll on next blog maybe about payback everyone's favourite topic Smiley Happy
by khairul
on ‎31-10-2012 15:02

Very nice Smiley Happy

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