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giffgaff nano SIM update

handy giff-staffer

Hi all,


Well, since this is my first ever blog post, I might do well to start with a bit of an introduction. My name’s Mark and I joined giffgaff in July as the new Product Manager. As the job title suggests, my role is to manage the products and services which giffgaff sells from goodybags to nanoSIMs. On this occasion, we’re talking about the latter.


Just like all of you, we at giffgaff have been waiting with bated breath for Apples’ iPhone launch, hoping to hear about any new features and changes from the iPhone 4s. We’re excited to see that Apple has released the new model as a SIM free proposition as well as on contract.


One of the changes to the new iPhone is the introduction of an even smaller SIM card, the nanoSIM. We’ve been expecting this for a few weeks now and have been able to take steps towards supporting the nanoSIM, but since we do not have a direct relationship with Apple, we have been acting on assumptions and rumours like everyone else until yesterday.


We will be supporting the iPhone 5 as soon as we can, but before we go ahead and offer the nanoSIM, there are a number of technical changes that need to be made. To be able to get the giffgaff nanoSIM launched as soon as we can, we are looking at alternative distribution methods (a bit like we have done in the past with Microgaff). If all goes well, we hope to have the SIM cards ready for distribution in the coming months


To help everyone to stay up to date with our launch plans, we will be introducing a new ‘register your interest’ community page to  So if you sign up we will send you an email as soon as we launch the nanoSIM so that you can be one of the first to get your hands on one. This will be coming soon.


That’s it for now. We’ll be sure to keep you all up to date as our launch plans start to formalise, but until then, thank-you for your patience and please be assured that will be supporting the nanoSIM as soon as possible.




Update from Mark 19.26 14th Sept



Thank-you to everyone for your comments. First of all, please know that we are hearing your feedback and doing all that we can to deliver the nano SIMs as soon as possible.


I wanted to share some additional information with you to provide some context as to why we are not offering nano SIMs from the launch day of the iPhone 5.


In order to deliver the nano SIMs, technical work needs to be carried out which will enable us to provision nano SIMs with giffgaff settings. Every few weeks, we have a technical release and we need to make priority calls on what needs to be included.


As a small, lean company, we need to get maximum benefit from these technical releases and since we couldn't be sure that there would be a SIM free iPhone5 market with nano SIM at the time that we finalised the requirements for the last technical release, we took a decision to prioritise other important technical initiatives whilst also getting as prepared as possible for the potential nano SIM launch following the iPhone5 announcement.


Now, following the announcement and having heard your feedback, we are working flat out to get the nano SIMs prioritised and launched as soon as possible.


I hope this update provides some more information on the reasons why we are not offering nano SIM from the iPhone 5 launch date, but also some reassurance that we're doing all we can to get them delivered asap.

Update from Mark 12.29 15th Sept


Hello everyone - thanks again for all of your comments. 
I can see there have been a number of requests for more definitive time scales for delivery of the nano SIM. I just wanted to say that I will be providing an update early next week on this.
In the meantime, thank-you for your patience.

 Update from Mark 19.26 18th Sept



Hi everyone, 


First of all I just want to thank everyone for their comments and feedback so far. I realise that we promised an update early this week but unfortunately we are still having internal conversations but I'll be in a position to update you all tomorrow. 


Thanks for your patience,



 Update from Mark 19.26 19th Sept


Hello everyone,
There have been a number of requests for more information on when we will be able to offer nano SIMs on
giffgaff and we committed to providing an update today.
We would like to start this post with an apology to anyone who was hoping to order a nano SIM from us in time
for the iPhone5 launch.
The decisions we made as a company, were based within the context of a small but growing company with limited resources. Without access to all of the information we have today, a company decision was made to focus
giffgaff resources on other very important areas which would allow us to continue operating as a business. 
The process for delivering the nano SIM on giffgaff was kicked off several weeks ago and is being treated as a high priority, but there are some steps which simply cannot be made faster. For these reasons, at this stage, the company cannot commit to detailed delivery timescales, but we are expecting to launch nano SIMs before the end of this year.
We are aware that this is not the answer many of you will have been hoping for, but it does provide an honest
overview of where we are. We will, of course, continue to explore every available route to delivering the nano
SIM to you earlier and provided that we can find an effective, reliable solution, we will deliver it.
For those of you who would like to be kept up to date with details of the nano SIM delivery on giffgaff,
a ‘Register Your Interest’ page will be launched in the coming days and anyone who registers on this page will be
provided with updates nearer to the launch date by email.

Sorry to have to say goodbye giffgaff. After being accused of teathering last month, this month being told that you are either going to cap data or increase price (possibly both) and now that you cant supply nano sim's for possibly months its time to jump ship.


Looks like Three are gaining a new customer on their £12.90 a month tariff!!!!


As much as I've enjoyed my stay here at GiffGaff, I cannot believe for the life of me why someone at the top didn't take the decision to pre order some nano sims. iPhone is the biggest thing since sliced bread and you guys have missed the boat and a huge revenue stream.


Unfortunately you have arrived at the party late!


For that reason I'm afraid I'll be jumping ship to another mobile provider that did have the foresight to preorder some nano sims.


[inappropriate comment] - probably the new products manager ... me thinks it may be a short appointment.






we need nano sim card!!!!


Very dissapointed that it is going to take months, I can see a lot of people leaving because of this.  You use O2's network can't you get some nano-sims off them as well....they state that they will ship a nano sim with the iphone5

heavy hitter

It's a shame that SIMs are months away as I know that giffgaff will lose many customers due to this delay as the iPhone is proven to be the most used phone on the network and many previous users tend to update to the next available version. I think giffgaff need to be doing some real experiments with some SIMs during their coffee breaks or board meetings, trying to find ways to shrink the SIMs to size and thickness required and so it's a 100% gaurentee that they will work in phones and can be done at home to current SIMs people have without the need to wait for them to be made.


If people are unable to wait a few months to get a phone (not sure why you have to have it straight away - it will still be there in a few months!) then why not buy it SIM-free as you would have to to use GG anyway, stick another carriers SIM in for the time being and then stick the GG one in when it comes - no?


Surely its worth waiting and then getting the GG deal, than getting it straight away and then paying over the top for a contract?

mad scientist
@robw Firstly people shouldn't have to wait Secondly I'd people choose to buy one immediately then that's their choice. Thirdly if people 'wait' the value of their 4s will reduce so they want to be able to sell it ASAP to get best value.

Three nano-sim ordered on the 'Ultimate Internet Sim 200 1 month' tariff and PAC code request put in.


£12.90 a month for 200 mins, 5000 texts and unlimited data.  Although it's currently £2.90 more than the £10 goody bag that goody bag looks like it will be going up to £13 in the next couple of months anyway.  I know for a fact that my data speeds are far quicker on Three as I have a Three sim in my MiFi.


Unfortunately I think GG will lose a sizeable amount of customers over this which is dissapointing seeing as this was entirely avoidable.  Nano-sims could have been acquired and i'm sure they could have found enough GG customers willing to cover the costs for theirs from an initial batch.


I want to order iphone5 tomorrow! Come on!! We need the sim card!