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giffgaff no.3 in the Social Brands 100

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handy giff-staffer

Amazing news to share today; giffgaff has been ranked overall third behind Innocent and Starbucks in the latest Social Brands 100, the annual benchmark of brands leading in social media.  Claire mentioned the report in a blog earlier this year and we are really pleased to have been marked so highly.


The ranking is drawn up through a combination of tracking and analysis of social media interaction, independent research and an expert judging panel.


Even better is the fact that giffgaff scored the second highest of all 100 brands on its ‘data score’ – the measure of intensity of interactions between the brand and the community. Overall this shows how successfully a brand uses social media to create a vibrant community. To be one of  the top rated brands in this sphere is truly sensational and a testament to you, our incredible community of members that make giffgaff what it is.


You can see the full list of brands that giffgaff has beaten here, including the likes of GoogleCadbury and Dell


Sunshine and accolades, what more could you want on a Tuesday.


Woohoo well done us Smiley Happy


Wow Smiley Wink Well done

Remarkable considering many of these brands have been going years and years whereas we have been around since 2009, just shows the progress!
It is also very interesting to see that O2 are down in 58th position, could be a hint in the way to run a company! Smiley Very Happy

Thats good news Smiley Happy


great news, well deserved in my view..

big cheese

Great Smiley Happy 


Next time we will be number 1 Smiley Happy

no 1

rocket scientist
Awesome stuff Smiley Happy

blinding news Smiley Happy welldone giffgaff


Brilliant. We deserve it. Anyone says otherwise has to go through Vincent :L