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giffgaff pop-up shop launches today

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Hey folks,


The day you’ve all been waiting has finally arrived as today we’re launching our pop up shop.  For one week only you will be able to exchange points you have earned for giffgaff branded items. Smiley Happy


We hope that you like the items that we have sourced; we have tried to take on board suggestions that you have given in the past, and added some of our own choices. We’re aware that these may not be suitable for everyone but we’re hoping you’ll fancy something.


Click here to visit our shop 


So without further ado the items are:


  • giffgaff branded hoodie
  • giffgaff branded mini speakers
  • giffgaff branded travel mug
  • giffgaff branded iPhone cover
  • giffgaff branded soft shell jacket
  • Nokia 1616 handset
  • £10 Amazon voucher

To give all members a chance to order an item we are only allowing one item per person initially. We will open this up later in week, subject to stock availability.


For more information please visit Rachels post, and remember


1)      Only one product per person

2)      You may only order, if you have enough points, we will not take any card payments

3)      Delivery on all items is free Smiley Happy


Any questions relating to the shop please email


We would love to hear your feedback so please fill in this survey once you have taken a look or placed an order.


Happy shopping Smiley Happy





darkrage wrote:

Mobile phone is £15 online with free delivery FYI

Iphone case is worth it but if your not bothered about the logo you can pick them up for £3 inc delivery

travel mug is also cheap unless you dont want a personalised one then £3 inc delivery

hoodie and jacket is quite reasonable

speakers are £5 online so hmm


but its a good effort from giffgaff to give us items within a price range we would actually consider - atleast its not a repeat of the offers weak (and yes spelt that correctly)

you didn't really expect things to be cheap?


Shop is a great idea, I've just ordered a amazon voucher., would like to see this as a permanent feature for giffgaff & to see what other items would be available Smiley Happy


Maybe allow people other ways to pay though as some might not earn many points.,


Great work so far giffgaff, well done 


Got in now Smiley Happy


Can see why there are compaints about lack of description - if it was any normal site you had landed on from google you'd close the page and carry on looking.


you didn't really expect things to be cheap?




From a network that places itself in the lower end of the market - YES.


as i said they have done this as the price ranges are not that different from buying off ebay or the likes so my points still stand you can buy cheaper elsewhere but if you want branded by giffgaff then its a good deal not like the offers weak which was a complete overpriced sham.


so well done giffgaff for listening this time around Smiley Very Happy


the shop does not load for me, anybody facing same problem, can only imagine how many visitors are in the shop..


just got an email about the shop opening (well done for getting emails out today btw).


Interestingly it states:

"We're happy to announce our pop-upshop is now open. It's packed with giffgaff branded items including speakers, travel mugs, hoodies, soft shell jackets, iPhone covers, Nokia 1616 handsets and £10 Amazon vouchers. Unfortunately you don't have quite enough points to swap for any items time round. You can earn more points for the future through Spread giffgaff. Happy days."


but I do have enough points - in fact ive already ordered a jacket



not just me it seems

seems like something has gone wrong with the emails be fair, wouldn't be giffgaff it everything was straight forward and worked perfectly Smiley Tongue


rong42 wrote:

what, no 'any other comments' question at the end of the survey? :smileyfrustrated:


to echo the posts above, the lack of product description was very annoying. considering that im using payback points, i dont care that much (as i would take part in the community anyway, so payback is an added bonus for me), but if the shop is going to become a permanent thing, then definitely needs to have much better product descriptives (reviews from giffgaffers who have bought the item would also be good)


I agree. If we are going to be spending our hard-earned payback on "stuff", it would be nice to know a little bit of detail about said "stuff"?

How does the speaker connect to things? Does the Jacket have any pockets? Is the hoodie made from Polyester, Cotton, or Cheese?


These are all simple questions, you would ask before you buy something, surely?


And the fact that I couldn't tell you any of these comments, via the survey, isn't that good either?


I hope if this shop works out for you, that a few improvements could be taken on board.


Good Luck... Smiley Happy


Ordered some mini speakers Smiley Happy

giffgaff; ergo sum

One thing that would of sold very well and not been added is a £10 giffgaff voucher this would of been the top seller in the shop.

unlikely to be wrong

Looking good , the Items are reasonably priced , as others have said , a little more product description would be good , but it's a good start , hopefully there will be other " shops " in future .