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giffgaff pop-up shop launches today

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Hey folks,


The day you’ve all been waiting has finally arrived as today we’re launching our pop up shop.  For one week only you will be able to exchange points you have earned for giffgaff branded items. Smiley Happy


We hope that you like the items that we have sourced; we have tried to take on board suggestions that you have given in the past, and added some of our own choices. We’re aware that these may not be suitable for everyone but we’re hoping you’ll fancy something.


Click here to visit our shop 


So without further ado the items are:


  • giffgaff branded hoodie
  • giffgaff branded mini speakers
  • giffgaff branded travel mug
  • giffgaff branded iPhone cover
  • giffgaff branded soft shell jacket
  • Nokia 1616 handset
  • £10 Amazon voucher

To give all members a chance to order an item we are only allowing one item per person initially. We will open this up later in week, subject to stock availability.


For more information please visit Rachels post, and remember


1)      Only one product per person

2)      You may only order, if you have enough points, we will not take any card payments

3)      Delivery on all items is free Smiley Happy


Any questions relating to the shop please email


We would love to hear your feedback so please fill in this survey once you have taken a look or placed an order.


Happy shopping Smiley Happy





yeah a better description on the items is needed Smiley Happy but good concept will you guys be adding more items to the list?

Nothing interesting enough for me Smiley Sad will just get cash in PayPal

This looks great, think im going to order the iphone case Smiley Happy

Still no answer why our points haven't been updated like they promised?
Really, I'd rather you just concentrated on customer service.
Can't find the site

i would really like the speakers but dont have enough points yet

will it come back? hope it does Smiley Happy

Will the iPhone 4 case fit a 4S properly?
@jackiechanman Yes it will

How come your only allowed one per customer