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giffgaff revealed as No 1 network provider in latest Which? magazine survey




Hi folks.

We have some rather lovely news to share this morning. We’ve been named best provider in Which? magazine’s latest customer satisfaction survey. The survey measures the UK public’s experience of mobile phone networks and we’ve scored rather well. They’ve revealed us as No 1 recommended Pay as you go provider for the 2nd year running with a satisfaction score of 79%. Plus for the first time, as we now sell phones, we’ve also been selected as No1 Mobile Phone Contract provider, scoring 76% satisfaction. We’re pretty chuffed about this one as we’ve only recently started to sell phones – and we’re managing to do it without actually tying members into a contract.

While Which? recognised an online only network isn’t always for everyone, they praised giffgaff’s different approach, the great value this results in for our members and of course our very active and helpful community.
The other, bigger networks, barely reached over 60% for either their PAYG or contract offerings, so with our member-centric approach giffgaff really is leading the way. It just goes to show that a different way to do mobile really can be a better way.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our members, for helping giffgaff to get recognised in these awards. The giffgaff member experience is built upon our supportive community and you make us the network we are. You challenge us to become even better, and while the scores in this survey are good, and clearly much better than those of the other networks, that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop here. As with any business we want to continue to improve and overcome the challenges that pop up, but that said, sometimes it’s just nice for us all to take stock of how far we’ve come together - and how far behind the rest of the networks are.

We think you should give yourselves a big pat on the back.


If you'd like to read the Which? magazine survey report you can do so here. Unfortunately it's sitting behind a paywall, so you'll only be able to read it if you're a Which? subscriber. 






That's good news to hear, do you have a link for us to read this elsewhere?
former giff-staffer

Hey datamuncher, we will be posting a link later today Smiley Happy

giffgaff to the grave
Some great news to pass on thanks Alison
Hey nice to hear thaf
Thanks Gregg
grand master
That's great news 😃
That's good news
Fantastic news this is.

So "no contract" is officially the "best contract"  Smiley Wink  Well done giffgaff


Great news - I must give praise to all, including members that help out on the forum - it makes giffgaff work so well,- in my opinion.