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giffgaff's voicemail

Those of you already using your giffgaff SIM, will be familiar with the Newcastle tone as the ‘voice’ of giffgaff, whenever you pick up your phone messages. Our voicemail system was recorded with Tom Oldham, who also provided the voice over for our ‘What is giffgaff?’ film.


Our objective was to provide a voicemail that was positive and straightforward, both in tone and language. We initiated the project back in September and recorded all of the speech during 5 separate sessions. The starting point was to review a framework of prompts and really develop the language and terminology to make it feel much more human and conversational. Because the prompts are recorded as separate sound files, one of the biggest challenges was to ensure the tone of each prompts flowed naturally together. There were some amusing out-takes from the sessions, where Tom has added his own good humour. We’ve left a few in, for the keen-eared amongst you. My favourite one is “Sorry, I don’t know how to break it to you ... but that PIN’s incorrect.” Hopefully that’s one that you won’t hear too often! 


What may surprise you is the depth and complex nature of all the different prompts on the system. Many people only hear the prompts related to listening to voicemail, but there are a number of additional and helpful features in the system. For example, if you’re going on holiday and won’t have your mobile switched on all the time, you have the ability to set up a temporary message so that any callers know you won’t be available. Very handy so your friends and loved ones know you’re not intentionally ignoring them.


But I think we've got an opportunity for our voicemail system to continue to evolve, in the same way giffgaff does, through its community. Perhaps we could introduce recorded greetings from our members in some way. What are your thoughts?


I’d be interested in your views.





I do like the GG voicemail system - quite distinctive and friendly.


What I'd most like actually is online (web/imap) access to voicemail - a feature BT had for a while on Call Minder, but then removed for some unknown reason. Actually, just emailing the messages as attachments would be enough. Presumably that could be done from Giffgaff's end, if you already control the actual voicemail servers/service?


On a related note, telling me about any missed calls (numbers who dialled me while the phone was off or had no signal, but didn't leave a message) would be nice. Again, probably something which could be implemented on the voicemail server end without extra network involvement.


So would anonymous call rejection for that matter: I'm glad of having it on my landline, and have always been irritated by its absence from Vodafone. Probably not something Giffgaff would be able to implement though?



agreed - web management of voicemail system: send automatically to voicemail, call forwarding, send voicemail in email attachement or access it as if it was an email adress would be really cool features ( which we discussed and agreed it would be awesome in a post pre launch if I remember well)


As well as possible web or email access to voicemails, I wonder if it's possible to call in from a different number than one's own mobile.


Addding the PIN function may have been for this, or only while calling back from abroad, and from one form of words I saw I'm not quite sure.


Certainly on some SIM cards, one can remotely access the VM system by calling one's own number and pressing the # key on answer. I tried it on giffgaff in case it would work, but apparently not at that time




how do i check my voice mail on my iphone?  Moreover, do I get charged for listening to my voice mails from the phone? 




hello what is the voicemail number and how do i get the internet setup on my phone?


How do i know my pin?? and isit the same as my password?


how to listen voice message?


How do you set up giff gaff voice mail, mine does not work


Is there a specific Number for Giff Gaff Voicemail or is it individual to the phone?


hello guys sorry for the question who know how can I use the voicemail?all the time that  I have any voicemail message I try to call the number 443 but after a voice ask me to put a Pin that I have how can I listen the voicemail?