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giffgaff sponsors the Big Bang Theory and Rude Tube

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As most giffgaffers know, we have been investing in online marketing activities, such as Banner Ads, Paid Search or Affiliate Marketing to help grow our business. The results so far have been very successful but we need to reach new audiences with our giffgaff brand.


While exploring the online channels of Channel 4 / E4, we were presented with a very exciting offer, which included the sponsorship of two of their most successful, programs both online and offline: The Big Bang Theory and Rude Tube. This opportunity with both online and program sponsorship will help us grow awareness of giffgaff amongst people we want to reach.


We are working on the first campaign adverts as we speak and we hope you are OK with us keeping the exact details as a surprise. To find out more, stay tuned with our Facebook channels and the Big Bang Theory’s new season 5 programming starting the 5th of April.

giffgaff has just shown up on an advert for the big bang theory now on E4

i fail to see the point in bringing in new customers when you can't give the current ones a reliable service, surely the regularity of the new problems that keep arising in the service updates notice board should be a wake up call that you need to step up several gears before you crack the mobile network nut

heavy hitter
I'm surprised that your doing this. The network needs to be more reliable before getting to many more customers. Good luck with the sponsorship though. I hope it can cope
big cheese
Can't you do an advert during neighbours we are nice no trouble viewers Smiley Happy Haven't ever seen big bang but I'll give it a go ( well at least until I've seen an advert ) Khairul I'm relying on you to remind me when it's on.
Nice idea guys, i hope your ready for the influx of peeps. Don't let the service suffer though
head honcho

Worst idea ever. My god giffgaff. You said no big TV advertisements for a start, and seconds, start spending your cash on things like, fixing all the problems you have day in, day out....Unbelievable 


Just saw the advert and got really excited Smiley Very Happy Cool!

Proud of yoooou
head honcho

I think this is a good idea, although I do see a problem with it. The Big Bang Theory is an American show and so will (probably) have lots of American viewers. As giffgaff is a UK only network, surely lots of the people who see the giffgaff adverts are going to be American and can't use giffgaff, therefore making the advertising pointless? Or have you taken this into account and still think there are enough British viewers to be able to cover fees of advertising with new British awareness?




Andy, the sponsorship will be broadcast in the UK only Smiley Happy