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giffgaff sponsors the Big Bang Theory and Rude Tube

handy giff-staffer

As most giffgaffers know, we have been investing in online marketing activities, such as Banner Ads, Paid Search or Affiliate Marketing to help grow our business. The results so far have been very successful but we need to reach new audiences with our giffgaff brand.


While exploring the online channels of Channel 4 / E4, we were presented with a very exciting offer, which included the sponsorship of two of their most successful, programs both online and offline: The Big Bang Theory and Rude Tube. This opportunity with both online and program sponsorship will help us grow awareness of giffgaff amongst people we want to reach.


We are working on the first campaign adverts as we speak and we hope you are OK with us keeping the exact details as a surprise. To find out more, stay tuned with our Facebook channels and the Big Bang Theory’s new season 5 programming starting the 5th of April.

NO one wants gg to fall flat on their face maybe it's time to listen to the little voices!
handy giff-staffer

Thanks for all your great feedback @bluemoonbaz @xan, @eddnoon, @zerodudex333, @ringsilver, @guardianhawk, @zubzub92, @sumrakesh, @james2010, @stealthybigboss2, @johnathantib, @liamwli,@kthscfld,@kulsum, @donnie

We're happy to hear that you are as excited about this new opportunity as we are.


@turkeyphant, there are many watching the Big Bang Theory on E4, even the repeats. Like you and I, a few others also watch it online, and we'll also be sponsoring those spaces. Somebody told me recently that the world doesn't end when you log off the Internet, apparently there's a bunch of analogic people out there, some of them don't even use Twitter! I'm sure I could find a similar Sheldon Cooper quote, what's your favourite one?


For those raising concerns, I want to reassure you that we are allocating a lot more resources and budgets into our operations, technology and agents than into this sponsorship.

A special thanks to @suppers_ready, you are not too far off!


thanks kim for responding to the conments. i guess we'll just have to wait and see how the future pans out.....

Can' wait until the 100th episode of TBBT next Thursday.

can't wait Smiley Happy

big cheese

I feel that changes are afoot :-)


It's going to be interesting seeing what reaction 'going mainstream' brings. I am a big BBT fan so will no doubt have a front seat to the new campaign. There'd better be some particle physics geeky-ness in there or...well...I'll be having words as the giffgaff resident particle physics geek :-P


I suppose the only thing I worry about is if everyone is suitably braced in case we get a sudden influx of customers overnight :-)

That's fab then Kim! If gg's product is being improved too then I fully support the advertising Smiley Wink and I look forward to helpful agents Smiley Wink

 The "Big Bang Theory" is the biggest pile of "Dog Dirt" I've ever seen.Rude Tube is amusing though.

I also think your not thanking the right people! Or rather you left some names out! The ones who are expressing concern show that they care about the future of gg rather then just blinding flowing!!
Kim, I'm not actually feeling that negative as you think I am. Smiley Happy I am even excited about the development (that's what I meant when I said I'm speechless Smiley Happy ). It's just that I don't want your ambitions to backfire.