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giffgaff sponsorship videos - a sneak preview

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer
As some of you may have seen, Kim recently posted a blog talking about our decision to sponsor two of C4/E4's biggest shows, the Big Bang Theory and Rude Tube.  The reason that we have chosen TV Sponsorship is to drive awareness of giffgaff, aiming to continue to spread the word about us to people who are likely to join. 
What I wanted to share with you today is the videos we have made for the TV show sponsorship before they go live on TV this week.
Our last video was K-Orville and The CONtract, which now has nearly 2 million views - which is amazing.  The difference with these videos is that we have TV guidelines we need to abide by, like the length of the videos.  Most importantly, these videos must fit with the TV show. Viewers are tuning in for that show, so if you intend to appeal to them, then aligning with the show is a great idea.
The first video will go live tonight on E4, at 8pm, sponsoring The Big Bang Theory.  This video starts by showing a massive cake and then suddenly the cake goes...yep you've guessed it...bang. What's great about this is that it clearly shows giffgaff and our sponsorship of the show but is also dramatic enough to make an impact on those watching it. 

Starting today we want you to pick and suggest what you think should go bang next, by visiting (we are just working on the final parts of this site, so bear with us) Our intention is to pick the most popular choices, film them and put it on TV in the next few months. So, you never know, your suggestion might just go bang on TV.
The next show we are sponsoring is Rude Tube and our videos will be on air on the 6th April at 10.30pm (22.27 hrs, to be exact) on C4. The creative idea behind these videos is to mimic popular YouTube videos. Rude Tube is about taking popular and funny clips from YouTube and that is what their audience likes watching, so these should do the trick.
Mass plank...
This may put you off your lunch...
I have seen a few questions regaridng our approach to Makreting. Next week I'm going to start a discussion in the Community however in the mean time remember to let us know what you think should go bang next in our sponsorship videos for the Big Bang Theory...and have a great Easter.
head honcho

Loving the cinnamon challenge Tom. Maybe a full video on lots of the giffgaff staff doing it please Smiley Tongue


I was under the imprtion that GG didn,t do tv advertisingSmiley Surprised

dose this mean that member wil be made redudntSmiley Sad

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer
HI, cheepnetwork, this will not change MGM or payback. This is a Marketing campaign to grow awareness of giffgaff and continue to get lots of new members on board.

I was joking Smiley Very Happy


(above comment)

human databank

Yep .... I like them ..... Thumb small.gif  Smiley Happy


Good stuff Smiley Very Happy


I have just looked at the episode of the big bang theoiy due to go out at 8pm tonight turns out it,s the 100th episode

looks like GG will be going out with a big bang toSmiley Very Happy


giffgaff is the best netwrok ever love it

this is awsome for giffgaff

thier ar esome good apps inthe andorid market for giffgaff