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giffgaff, the egg and spoon race

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handy giff-staffer

To support Unlock a phone, Unlock a Chicken and for 5 minutes of fun, we thought we’d have a Free range egg and spoon race.  Sadly, a few eggs got broken but the majority will go in to Omelettes (let us know if you have any good recipes).


Ready, steady...




Congratulations to Claire for clocking up the fastest time and clearly showing she has the greatest ability to balance an egg on a spoon across 100 meters.




After a quick Google - The Sun  report it’s the most popular sports days event and give some tips on how to win.  Wish I'd seen these before taking part. Smiley Happy





Here is a great way to make a real fluffy big omelette....


2 or 3 eggs beaten then 2 slices of bread ( crusts removed )....break the bread up into small pieces and add to the beaten will make a thick mixture.Add a little pepper and some cheese to the mixture and mix..

Empty the mixture into a frying pan lightly oiled and spred so its even in the pan...when bottom is cooked put the pan in the grill to cook the top ..and watch it rise

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@mhb - thanks for the recipe, I might use my winning egg (or as kiwi's pronounce it 'igg') and make it tomorrow for breakfast ... did I mention I was the winner Smiley Happy 


@claire....Congratulations on winning the egg race...and i hope you enjoy the omelette its a great way to make if your short on eggs and want them to go a long way and realy is would not know there was bread in it and it realy does come out fluffy and thick

omg i love this network, its so fun compared to other boreing networks!!

How much are you giving to wood green?


omlette recipe.

3 eggs

1/2 cup milk

tobasco sauce

salt and pepper.

grated cheese.


whisk eggs and milk, add tobasco, salt and pepper, heat oil in small fry pan. pour in mixture and cook on medium heat until bottom light brown. remove from heat, sprinkle on cheese and place under pre-heated grill until light and fluffy and cheese is just starting to brown. tip onto plate and enjoy the best ever omlette!



Very eggs-citing race! @lesleyjoyce thanks for the recipe