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giffgaff turns two!

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


Today giffgaff turns a whole two years old! Hooray, hooray for all of us :)


Instead of writting a long winded blog on the history of giffgaff thus far, we have worked together with one of our fantastic community members Joshaw, to make this fantastic infographic, which gives a beautiful representation of how far we've come.


Have a great day everyone and happy birthday to all us :D


ps. if the font is too small for you, click on the image and you'll get to see it in its full glory.





Happy Birthday.


Are the "labs" still in operation?


Any more experimental goodybags in the pipeline?


Wohoo! Congratulations on making it to two. Here's to continued success!


Happy Birthday :smileyhappy:

heavy hitter

Happy Birthday to all the team :smileyhappy:


Happy Birthday! GiffGaff and you giffgaffers 


hoping for more giffgaff offers life so better with giffgaff :)


Happy belated bday! I hope you have many more to come!!!


Now I understand why giffgaff has been such a pain of late - the terribile two's :smileywink:


I do hope giffgaff grows and matures into what we all hope it can be.


I don't know which impresses me the most ...

giffgaff's success ... or Joshaw's infographic !

happy  birthday .... 


does everybody get like a suprise goodybag for being loyal lol


Good stuff - onwards and upwards. I'm celebrating my first year with giffgaff ;)