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giffgaff turns two!

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


Today giffgaff turns a whole two years old! Hooray, hooray for all of us :)


Instead of writting a long winded blog on the history of giffgaff thus far, we have worked together with one of our fantastic community members Joshaw, to make this fantastic infographic, which gives a beautiful representation of how far we've come.


Have a great day everyone and happy birthday to all us :D


ps. if the font is too small for you, click on the image and you'll get to see it in its full glory.





Happy birthday giffgaff! Thank you for being amazing :smileywink:




Yep, my mistake Andy0... :)


Still have you found the thread, you mentioned earlier, yet? ;)






I did, but I thought it would be boring for other people, especially as someone pays me a compliment. 


By the by...


Is anybody else not getting the whole Infographic, because their slow landline internet can't take the strain?! >:(


If only I had the money, to get a lovely gigabag now, I wouldn't have to put up with this rubbish!


Still I'm sure, like the tortoise, it will get there eventually... :|


Though, how big is it?


Finally! :)


Finished. And it only took about fifteen minutes. I bet that's some sort of record isn't it? ;)


That certainly is a huge file!


Even on broadband it's slow, and it keeps reloading if you change page before the whole thing arrives in cache


1,238 x 5,323 pixels, 6.5 megabytes


that could be over 20 minutes on dial-up 


My "Broad"band tops out at about 2.2 - 2.7mbps, which isn't very broad, as bands go!


Though I can usually get 3.0 - 3.3mbps, from my phone, which goes to show you how good giffgaff can be! :O


If the picture is as slow to load at your end as it is at mine,


Try this link. It loads much faster now :)

kung fu master

Happy Birthday giffgaff!!!! ;)


Happy Bday =O