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giffgaff: winner of Most Innovative Community award

former giff-staffer

Hi all,

I am very pleased to announce that giffgaff has won the award for Most Innovative Community at the Social CRM Customer Excellence Awards! 

This is an amazing achievement for us all as Lithium, who organise the awards, have over 200 global clients competing for these awards - and the winners in other categories include Paypal, HP, and betfair. Multi-billion dollar companies with massive resources and innovative business models that have been genuinely game-changing in their industries.

And here we are, little 'ol giffgaff scooping up the award for Most Innovative Community!

During the LiNC conference the big issues in Social CRM, best practices in community management are addressed, as well as stories that businesses tell around how their community and social activities are changing the way they do business and making an impact on their bottom lines. 

giffgaff together with our community have shown that we can deliver support without a call center. And we demonstrated the power of community and the depth of knowledge that can be crowd sourced from our members, advocates and superusers.


So hooray to us all for making giffgaff such a great success!

We truly can't do this without you and I think this shows all the hard work we (and I mean us here at giffgaff and you here in the community) have put in and how we are part of something that is truly changing the way not only this industry works but online communities as a whole. Together we've been able to not only make giffgaff a success but have also changed the way we work as a business with ideas being implemented and considered on a day by day basis.

I really feel we are working on creating something great and sustainable, something which has not been done before with an openness bordering on innocence. Okay, okay, maybe I'm getting carried away Smiley Wink

Winning the Most Innovative Community is certainly something I intend to build on in the coming year, with openness being the key word for the projects that I hope to implement. We're heading towards some exciting times in the mobile industry and I hope giffgaff can lead the way for free thinkers and those who like to help run our network.

I hope you will all want to be a part of it and for those who already are, all I can do is thank you once again, for all the effort you've put in and the fantastic feedback and input you've given us. It is truly greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,



I guess "congratulations" are in order!


So when's the celebration party and are we all invited? ;-)


Well done giffgaff!!

former giff-staffer

I haven't stopped celebrating since I got the news hemminac *hic* Smiley Wink 


Another excuse for a social event LOL.


That's excellent news, and all the more impressive knowing big players like PayPal, HP and betfair were winners too. Well done everyone :smileyveryhappy:


Yes, this is great news and will hopefully raise GGs profile in a small way.

former giff-staffer

Lets hope it raises giffgaffs profile in a big way! Smiley Happy


@Vincent. I hope it does raise giffgaff's profile in a big way. I was just wondering, outside Lithium user's, how much press / other coverage this is likely to get. Maybe a few press briefings should be sent out?  - good for Giffgaff, good for Lithium.

former giff-staffer

Yeah, I know what you're saying. I think we will send this information out, but you never know who picks up on it.


Not at surprised GG have already won an award, especially for the most innovative community. You lot deserve it. Congrats! Smiley Happy