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giffgaff wins at the Which? awards

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Which? chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith said:

“The Which? Awards have been celebrating the very best of business in the UK since 2007, each year recognising those companies and individuals who consistently get it right for their customers".


So its not too surprising to hear then that we were in the short list to win an award. Here was our competition:


  • Best Telecom Services Provider: Plusnet, Tesco Mobile, Utility Warehouse and Zen Internet.

As you can see there were some heavy hitters in the world of telecom providers so we were up against some stiff competition. 


I was invited along with a group of giffgaff staff to the event which was held in London. It was a very high profile event with free flowing bubbly and nibbles galore! Suffice to say I came home with a full tummy, and that wasn't the only thing we came away with...


t_will took care of me throughout the day and introduced me to the wonderfully amazing giffgaff staff who all made me feel part of the family. Smiley Happy 


From now on at the bottom of the page on the desktop versions of the giffgaff forums you will see our shiny new awards logo from Which?


Here is a video on my amazing day out with the giffgaff team at the Which? awards.



The Which? Press office page listing all the categories is here


And the winners are listed here






awesome network...great value for money...keep up the good work..

Congratulations! Hopefully this award will introduce more people to to Giffgaff.
rocket scientist

Congrats and well deserved ... 

former giff-staffer

Hey all. As a quick update, you may see a little one-page note about this in a few papers this Tuesday and Thursday. 


Sneak peek here:


Thanks again for all your support and making giffgaff what it is today!

Great news.


Congratualtions to GiffGaff and all who sail in her.


Always thought you would get a good result from the awards !!

Giffgaff, you got our support, your going to which 2015!Smiley Happy