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iOS 6: The Good, The Bad and Apple Maps alternatives

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As we know there have been mixed feelings about iOS 6, here we take a look at the good and bad bits, as well as some Apple Maps alternatives.




The good


1: Siri

iOS 6 finally brings local support making it infinitely more useful. Use your voice to find a nearby takeaway or taxi, the latest film reviews and even Barclays Premier League scores.


2: Facebook integration

Share web pages and photos to your Facebook feed and update your status using Siri. Facebook events sync with your Calendar and friends appear in Contacts.


3: Facetime over 3G

Apple’s video service is now available over 3G as well as WiFi enabling video calling on-the-go. A 30-minute video call consumes around 150MB-210MB data, but giffgaff tariffs include unlimited data.


4: Panorama

Hold the camera vertically and sweep it around up to 240 degrees- following the on-screen guides and hey presto - you’ve got a stunning, seamless panorama. Panorama’s are big files, which is worth bearing in mind when sharing, although compressions options are available.


5: 3D flyover

3D flyover lets you explore 3D landmarks like the London Eye or the Eiffel Tower in cities around the world. It’s an amazing feature, however it’s been overshadowed somewhat by Apple Maps errors, which we’ll touch on later. Apple Maps free turn-by-turn voice instructions are worth a mention too, turning your iPhone into a sat nav.


The bad


1: Availability

iOS 6 launches on the iPhone 5, but is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, new iPad and iPad 2, but not the iPad.  Not every feature is supported by every device.  The iPhone 4 doesn’t have Siri, flyover or turn by turn navigation, in addition the iPhone 3GS doesn’t get Facetime over 3G, VIP inbox or an offline reading list.  Check Apple’s website to find out more.


2: YouTube

Installing iOS 6 to your device removed the native YouTube app. Get around this by downloading the standalone YouTube app from the Apple App Store and with a cleaner layout and improved menus it’s actually better.


3: Revolution

Despite improvements, the interface is inflexible next to Windows Phone 8 and Android. So there are no live widgets, you can’t resize icons, share options and contact synchronisation options are limited.


4: Apple Maps

The biggest criticism of iOS 6 is Apple Maps. Apple Maps replace Google Maps but there are numerous errors, with places incorrectly labelled, spelt and located or even covered with cloud. In short no match for Google Maps, however there are alternatives.


Apple Maps alternatives



CoPilot GPS



iOS, Android


This free app includes fantastic maps with multiple route options, turn by turn directions and it also works offline, making it a great choice for avoiding data charges on city breaks. Voice instructions and 3D maps cost extra though, so it’s not the best app for driving.








Wisepilot is a navigation app with a difference. 69p gets you basic mapping, add extras like Live Traffic and Navigation. The app is one of the most user friendly we’ve tried, but needs a data connection.



Bing get me there





With step by step instructions and simple maps, use it to plan routes across London using public transport or on foot. Live departure boards for tube stations are particularly useful.


So you've seen which features we like and dislike, how about you?  Any annoying bugs you've found not mentioned above? Similarly any features you've found that you now can't do without?  Tell us in the comments.

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cheers great information daughters buying an iphone 5  so will pass on your info


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Its disappointing watching Apple playing catch up all the time.


Yep, your right inspiron42!


If only Apple was as good as Windows Phone 8.


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I like many others have uninstalled / unpinned all the apps in the Windows 8 PC OS as they either dont work due to display limitations, or are just rubbish. Microsoft need to do a lot better to make this work.


i us this as my sat nav now  with  my giff gaff top up  think it  good 

great in depth guide and info
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My dad uses CoPilot GPS - he loves it. 



you kno im juss sick yeh get me all u got to do is turn ur phone of and put it back on

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Im using SatNav2  by skobbler. Awesome app. Once route is found it does not need connection....How great for those of us that live in the sticks miles from any service...