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We turned the web upside down looking for the cheapest iPhone 4S deals, and it turns out you don’t have to tie yourself into a 24 month contract to get the best offer.  Buy the iPhone 4S outright, pop in a free giffgaff SIM and you’ll be better off.


iPhone 4S with giffgaff 1 month bundles v 24 month contracts


iphone 4s deals.png




comp table iphone 4s deals.png



As well as working out cheaper, there are many benefits to giffgaff goodybags

  • Control exactly how much you spend
  • Change your goodybag monthly depending on your call behaviour
  • No contractual obligations 
  • No termination fee
  • Can be used by those unable to take out a contract (i.e. under 18)
If you have a handset that is network locked,  find out about unlocking your iPhone 4S.  Or find out the top 5 places to buy an unlocked handset.


*£499 iPhone 4S available from the Apple Store. (Prices will vary according to retailer).  
Information and comparisons on additional handsets, can be found at
ace of spades

Gulp ! I think I will stick with android phones.

+1 prefer androids Smiley Very Happy, but nice blog

@ giffgaff


Why say unlimited when its not truely unlimited (dont take this as a wrong way) I heard that if someone uses more then 400MB a month they get banned because they used 400MB even though someone didnt do anything that harms the gg network.

Would be nice to mention the fact that the iPhone 4S 32GB and 64GB has a bigger price difference on giffgaff than other networks as wellas the 16GB models?


Screw iPhones, GET AN ANDROID! Smiley Wink


See this is why I joined. I don't need to waste £30 on contract when I can get all I need for 1/3 of the price. Simply astounding.


Just goes to prove really: You don't need call centres/advertising, because that's what hikes the prices, and you get very little usage. giffgaff reverses this process, and gives you more for your money. You can't argue really. 


Also I use the £10 goodybag. Just looking at those stats, I pay just under a quater of the price of 24 month contracts. It's amazing. With Orange you'd be forking out just under £1000, just for a phone. Quite ridiculous if you ask me. So basically Orange are charging 3 times the amount giffgaff do, wahhhhh.


giffgaff, thank you for being around and giving people what they want. I am NEVER leaving you....


Great blog and some nice visuals there. 


Would other companies have been cheaper on an 18 month contract compared to taking out a £10 goodybag?


Plus, when I took out a contract for my second phone (iPhone 4), they offered me an 18 month contract however since I explained Tesco were offering  a 12 month contract - they reduced my contract length to 12 month (as I was apparently a loyal customer). Moreover business contracts can be taken out with a 12 month contract aswell - so I'm not sure if thats cheaper than buying the phone outright and popping in a £10 goodybag. 


If a user was heavier than the 250 minutes alloted for the £10 goodybag then the £15 goodybag and greater value goodybags would make giffgaff more expensive than other companies - which would make them less competitive. 


You quoted in saying "Can be used by those unable to take out a contract (i.e. under 18)" 

As far as I know - most teenagers actually take out a contract rather than pay as you go to get the latest shiny smartphone as there is a much lower outlay than buying the phone outright. 


You can add to the bullet points saying "GG is the only company in the list to offer truly unlimited data"?


buy a second hand iphone 3gs. A great phone for about £120


Haha, I've just sent this to a friend whos planning on signing upto £33 a month Three contract Smiley Tongue