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iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C announced: Apple event coverage


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As expected, Apple revealed two new phones at their press event in Cupertino - the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. These new arrivals will run iOS 7 (as we covered here) and replace the iPhone 5. Let's have a look at the new models!


iPhone 5C


The first reveal of the night was for the iPhone 5C. The phone was described as a "more fun, more colourful" version of the iPhone 5. The phone is made from a single piece of polycarbonate, with a metal frame inside working as an antenna and providing rigidity. The phone comes in five colours - green, white, blue, pink and yellow.


iphone5c_green.png (672×439)


Surprisingly, there's very little that's cheap about the iPhone 5C. It has the same specifications as the iPhone 5, including that 4" Retina display, an A6 processor and an 8 megapixel camera. Indeed, it's slightly better than the iPhone 5, as it includes a new front-facing "Facetime HD" camera with a larger sensor and improved BSI (back-side illumination) optics. The 5C supports the most LTE bands of any phone, as well as dual-band WiFi.


The iPhone 5C will be available for £469 sim-free for the 16 GB model, or £549 for the 32 GB model. The phone goes on pre-order this Friday, the 13th of September, and will arrive one week later, on the 20th.


accessories_iphone_5c_case_colors.jpg (972×505)


As well as the phone itself, Apple are also producing a range of colourful silicone cases with circular holes drilled into them. These will be available in six colours (the same as the iPhone 5C colour options plus black) for £25.


iPhone 5S


The iPhone 5S is the traditional premium iPhone option, replacing the iPhone 5. It comes in three colour options - gold, silver and space gray. The gold colour is new to the iPhone, the silver is the same as the white colour offered with the iPhone 5, while the space gray is a lighter finish than the black iPhone 5 model.


iphone5s.png (672×355)


Inside, the iPhone 5S has improved. It ships with the new Apple A7 processor, which is the first smartphone to make the jump to a 64 bit architecture. Nebulously, this makes it faster for some tasks than previous Apple chips that are only 32 bit. Apple are claiming that it is twice as fast as the iPhone 5. Its graphic capabilities have also been improved. Again, Apple are claiming five times the graphics performance of the iPhone 5. Finally, the new chipset also includes a dedicated motion co-processor, similar to the one found on the Motorola Moto X. This core is tasked with interpreting motion data and providing context to applications, e.g. telling an app when you are walking, driving or standing still.


Another improvement comes to the phone's camera. Like the HTC One, Apple have moved to a 15% larger sensor area with larger pixels, while keeping the number of pixels the same - 8 megapixels. This should improve image quality. As rumoured, the new iPhone 5S comes with a "TrueTone" dual flash, which uses one LED for cold tones and the other for warm tones. By using both in combination, the flash can make for much more colour-accurate photos when flash is used.


Apple are also doing a lot behind the scenes to make pictures look better. For example, the iPhone will take a burst of photos, and then choose the one that is most in focus. You can also manually activate a burst mode that takes 10 frames per second, or a slow motion video mode that shoots 720p video at 120 FPS.


The final addition is the long-rumoured fingerprint sensor, which is built into the home button. By placing your finger onto the sensor at any orientation, you can unlock your phone. This funcitonality can also replace passwords throughout iOS - you can buy apps or make in-app-purchases, then authenticate with your fingerprint instead of typing in your iTunes password.


The fingerprint is stored locally on the device, and isn't ever uploaded to Apple's (or anyone else's) servers. The home button looks different to reflect the new functionality, with a flatter sapphire construction and a stainless steel ring around it.


Despite the faster processor, improved camera and fingerprint scanner, battery life has improved. Standby time is now 250 hours (up from 225) and 3G talk time is 10 hours (up from 8). 


The iPhone 5S' pricing is consistent with past iPhones, starting at £549 for the 16 GB model. This increases to £629 for the 32 GB and £709 for the 64 GB. The iPhone 5S can be pre-ordered and will ship on the same dates as the iPhone 5C - pre-orders start this Friday, and phones ship one week later.


accessories_iphone_5s_case_colors.jpg (840×507)


Also like the iPhone 5C, there are Apple cases available. The iPhone 5S gets leather cases in the traditional style, in six colours: Brown, Beige, Black, Yellow, Blue and Red. The cases cost £35.




So, there we have it - two new iPhones! What do you think, and are you planning on picking up either? Let us know in the comments below!

big cheese
Hi wsjudd i rather stick with the iPhone 5 all you would be paying for is the finger print login feature and more processing power.
rip off merchants!!!!

The Battery times are a lie, there is no way it can perform like that, the same as all of the other battery times for any phone. They need to give realistic battery performance based on average useage, not "The phone lasts for 250hours providing you: 

  • Turn Off 3G/LTE
  • Have email checked every 4 hours
  • Dont use the camera
  • Dont listen to more than 2 songs in a 48 hour period
  • turn off all of the new features and sensors
  • turn the screen brightness all the way down
  • dont activate the screen at all
  • dont recieve or make any phone calls"

Not a realistic useage profile (ok i might of gone OTT with that but you get my point!) 


miketadd: The 250 hours is the amount of time you can leave it turned on, without using it, until the battery dies. The 10 hour figure is for constant 3G use, or constant Wi-Fi use. Realistic usage is somewhere between these figures, depending on how often the phone is in use. 


Shame about the high price tag on the iphone 5c way over priced for anyone in china or here in the UK


£469 sim-free for the 16 GB model, or £549 for the 32 GB model.


How is that in any way a budget phone just ridicolous prices same old from apple. 

The iPhone 5C is the bigger surprise - as you wrote, it's not 'cheap' but it's a fun, colourful, plasticy version of the iPhone 5. I'm not sure how you can call this an emerging markets phone, if it's only a £100 less than the iPhone 5S. 


The best aspect of the iPhone 5S besides the routine upgrades on each component, was the introduction of a 64bit processor. It shows that Apple is still innovating ahead of the competition and their investments in chips is paying off. Just to note, no other handset maker has a 64bit processor, they're all still in production...

Can't believe they've discontinued the iPhone 5 and replaced it but kept the 4S going + are going to charge around about the same price for a lower quality phone. I get that it obviously costs more to produce than the 5C, but yeah quite sneaky. Definitely will be waiting for next years release, the 'S' releases are always minor and are really only for people upgrading from the previous 'S' release.

Just a money making scheme this iphone 5c is there would be hardley any change to the old specs so you might as well wait


Still way too expensive for me!