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iPhone coming soon to giffgaff

handy giff-staffer

We are excited to tell you that iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s will be available from June 4th at

Wow! I guess this is to do with the new relationship with apple? Smiley Happy any ideas on the pricing yet?

Wow! Sounds like lots of hard work to finally agree and negotiate terms with Apple! Well done! Hopefully, this will keep all the iPhone users happy on the giffgaff network...I'm still waiting to hear if Motorola's Moto G and Moto E will come to giffgaff to target the budget phone market - there's lots of potential there among giffgaff users...


Given the upcoming LG G3 live chat, I'm expecting the G3 to be listed on the giffgaff store as well.


Great news Kim. Smiley Happy


Do you know if they will lock to your network, like all other PAYG iPhones do on other networks, or will they remain unlocked?

Can't wait to see them on the 4th of June.


Congratulations. Smiley Happy


Edited to insert Line Breaks. Smiley Sad

ace of spades

Good news for iphone fans thumbup.gif

Oh YES!!! Can't wait even though I have a iPhone but now least I know when I want to buy another one straight to 😜😜😜😜😜😜
grand master

Eurgh D: Can't stand Apple products and still can't understand why people buy them so not great news to me, but thanks for keeping us updated haha :-)


Wow, this is awesome news for Apple & Giffgaff fansSmiley Happy Now waiting on pricing though it's going to be more or less actual Apple store retail pricing.


For iphone ussers like me it is a great news. The point is that when anybody is used to apple is difficult to get used to other. Hopefully giffgaff will offer a good montly option to purchase the iphone...

Well hip hip hooray! Smiley Happy Has this been announced anywhere else? I only came across the changes to relationship with Apple by accident. Might be worth bigging this up a bit

This is great news. I moved over to Giffgaff to get the flexibilty in monthly payments and get out of the loop of contracts and getting screwed for Iphone contracts (unfortunately Apple is the platform I bought into while at uni). Look forward to seeing what the cost each month will be Smiley Very Happy