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my giffgaff - The official iOS app is here

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To aptly complement the busy and bustling week @giffgaff, we are happy to announce that the official "my giffgaff" iOS app has finally arrived and is waiting here to be downloaded to your favourite iDevice(s). 

As posted by Confidence a few days back, we have now finally weaved the loose threads, got an approval from Apple and managed to get it up and running for you. 
Yes, there was a delay, at least in comparison to what our internal targets were.. but may be it is worth the wait given we have now managed to get the brand new £12 goodybag up on the app. Before re-iterating the features on the app let me also introduce a reckoning, silent force behind the scenes which does all the heavyweight activities in co-ordintaing with various platforms to serve the user data. This is the brand new app - API, the linchpin in this entire gamut of transactional business. Many thanks to Edrai - our server side engineer who has shaped and nurtured this mammoth activity start to end and also to our front end stalwart Rafa, who had been helping us with all developments cycle. 
Now, coming back to the APP itself, yes, it delivers what it was visioned for - 
  • quick snap of your airtime balance, goodybags, payback points.
  • Top-up on the fly 
  • spread your affiliate link via email, sms, facebook, twitter, and more 
  • browse the community forum on the fly 
  • A persistent look up for your message settings, numbers and so on
All these in your very own giffgaff layout with a brand new design. 
But, yes , we don't stop here. We follow you and your thoughts. So the eagerly anticipated android version of the app is now in motion. We will keep you posted on developments on that side as well.
Last but the not least, the app is now going to have it's own new roadmap for a continuous development and support. We are already working on hot-fixes for the T&C typo, forum posting easiness followed by some improvements for iPhone 5 native display, better handled exceptions. 
This post won't be complete without thanking the folks who have worked hard to make this happen. So many thanks to Sambit, Confidence, Edraí, Rafa, Marc, William and Brindusa.
As always, we need your help, feedback and support to improve things and serve you better!! So please go ahead, download the app and let us know what you feel.
Edit: 8 NOV 2012 13:16

We have just spotted that passwords with special characters (%, &) are having issues logging into the app.  For those who want to access the app asap, a quick solution is to change your password.


Make sure you type your membername in all lower case (watch out for the captialisation corrector). membername is not case sensitive in our APP at the moment. 


We are currenlty working to fixing both issues.


The app is supporting iOS 4.3 or later (97% of iOS users on giffgaff).


Edit: 8 NOV 2012 17:50


We've solved and deployed the upper / lower case issues.


What happen to the floating transparent back, home button etc at the bottom when u press the community button twice?? That was handy on the old Giffgaff app
Just downloaded it the bar is now at the top

@mezsen drag the community view down with a little speed friend.. presto new nav menu Smiley Happy



Downloaded the App from the Apple App Store (via my mobile) but keep getting "bad credentials" error trying to log in?


Yes, I am inputting the same user name and PW as I'm using to log in  here:-)




It seems there are still a few bugs to iron out. It says my current goody bag and queued one start on "01 JAN" and have no expiry date ...


[Edit: Giffgaff, if you need a screenshot or any debug logs PM me]




bazzgaff wrote:

Downloaded the App from the Apple App Store (via my mobile) but keep getting "bad credentials" error trying to log in?

Yes, I am inputting the same user name and PW as I'm using to log in  here:-)


I had that initially, I was using "Dave2084" to log in it worked when I changed it to "dave2084" ...

mad scientist
Great news Smiley Happy


Thanks Dave2084 . . . all lower case worked this time.



big cheese

I have downloaded. My feedback Smiley Happy 


  • At first look, the new icon gives a fresh look. 
  • When opening the app. I was told to login. Which was easy enough Smiley Happy 
  • Then it came up with a fresh page which i liked. Gave a new feel and warm look.
  • As always i went straight to the community side (the icons look sooo coool)
  • I saw the toolbar had been moved to top (looks like the research was done on how people find it confortable) 
  • The app seems to be faster and less buggy. 

Things i would like to see - 


  • The use of app store comment side being used to gain feedback as well.
  • A changelog on the community whenever the app is fixed or a new release is released.
  • The logout button being more prominant on the my account page so someone can logout easily (security reasons)
  • A stop from locking option. Which stops the device locking when the app is open. 

I always use a lower case username and I can't login: "Bad credentials".



There's definitely something wrong with it.


I typed my password into the Notes app (so that I could see that I was typing it correctly) and then copied and pasted it into "my giffgaff" - "Bad credentials".


Then I went to in Safari and logged in (with the same password from the clipboard) and it worked perfectly.


My password has some non-alphanumeric characters in it; I wouldn't be surprised if the authentication process is not encoding them.