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#twittertips for your iPhone

Here are our top ten #twittertips for using your iPhone compiled from our community. Do you have any?
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@appleboyy "if you want to delete a number from calculator, instead of AC deletes it all, swipe left/right on the calculator display"


"Oyster Info is a great one for Londoners. Can check your balance and recent trips, travelcard expiry date etc, it's really handy"


"0870 : it finds the 01 or 02 alternative number so you don't waste your credit! #twittertips… "


"To quickly get to a draft email, press and hold the compose new button in the mail app"


"The 'my giffgaff' app ofcourse Smiley Wink"



"To add words to your iPhone dictionary: Go to settings > keyboard > Add a shortcut. Under phrase, type the word you want to add."


"Double-Tap To Automatically Punctuate the End of Sentences on Android & iPhone"


"iPhone tip. Setup a keyboard shortcut @@ and never type your email again. Settings-General-Keyboard-Shortcuts." 


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 saved my life and S/O to @shortylumberjac

@confidence S/O? Lol
wow nice!
I use the shortcuts to quickly write out my email address eg I write mygmail and it changes into my email address, saves loads of time setting > general > keyboard > shortcuts
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Great tip about shortcuts I've never bothered but that's great as I use a disposable email for freebies but its huge Smiley Happy
gr8 tips Smiley Happy