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One of the great things about giffgaff's community is that members so often inspire us and others. With his seeming unending enthusiasm for new things, whether it's to try them and test them or to suggest and nurture them, @bill48er definitely fits into that category - and in some ways defines it.


In recent months, he's been involved in more community projects than you could count on one hand, one of which has involved digging through half the history of all ideas that have been submitted on giffgaff. The depth and honesty of his feedback when doing so has been refreshing, and he always does it with his signature sense of humour. The folks here are always learning from him and he's a joy to work with.



Thanks for everything you do on the community, Bill - you're a legend.

heavy hitter

Wow! Smiley Surprised

That came out of the blue.

Thank you for the kind words @t_will.

I like the photo - but I think I'll stick with Snoopy Smiley LOL

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Massive congratulations to you and Well done! Smiley Happy

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Well done Bill mate

👏👏👏 its a thoroughly deserved recognition 👌


Congrats Bill keep up the good work.... Hope all the best for you

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Awesome news @bill48er 

Well done on this fine acolade , it well deserved Heart