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false.jpgShare the love, says Cass' avatar. You couldn't find a better summary of her activities on the community.


Along with her storied history on the community, @cass905 has been essential to giffgaff money in particular recently. As well as her longstanding and incredibly successful “upcycling” thread, she has been extremely helpful and proactive by drumming up support for the money community as it grows, and going as far as running her own competitions.


Whenever you ask her for help she always gives an arm and a leg and doesn’t expect anything back in return. Cass, you truly are an example to follow and we are incredibly thankful to have you as part of our community.

ace of spades


Great choice and really well done cass @cass905 you deserve to be our featured  member Smiley Happy

Oh my gosh thank you so much how fabulous I have tears of happiness running down my face I'm so proud to be featured member 
I was born right here

@juan_p @t_will 





Hey cass Smiley Happy


Congratulations and very well 

done matey Smiley Happy


Your are a breath of fresh air on 

these forums my friend Smiley Happy


And as juan will baz and the guys 

will agree your contributions here 

have been very inspiring helpful &

encouraging Smiley Happy

I'm right...

Hey Hey Cass fab news and i agree Heart

@t_will @cass905 @bluemoonbaz@clinteastwood43

unlikely to be wrong

A well deserved featured member. @cass905's continual enthusiasm for the money forum is to be admired, where others wane (much like myself) Cass keeps going and comes up with idea after idea. A genuine happy generous person, always willing to help. A credit to the community.

We'll done Cass.

helping the masses

Very much deserved @cass905, you are an inspiration to us all. I don't need to tell you to keep up the good work, because I know you will. It's who you are. 🤗 Always happy to help and share top tips 🤑

Well done, my friend ☺️ x 


Totally spot on choice @t_will 👍x


Well done Cass for keep going on. I find myself lack of enthusiam and fluctuate frequently. Keep up the good work to build a better community

human databank



Many congratulations to you and well done! Smiley Happy


Well done @cass905 Keep up the fantastic work! Smiley Happy