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It's hard to know where to being with Will - an excellent all-rounder who always puts 110% into everything he does.


Well, he's created some wonderful and helpful video tutorials for the knowledge base, and for various other things. Not only that he's a regular blog contributor, from talking about all kinds of different tech to writing some valuable top tips.


On top of that, he's also the head honcho for the gaff these days, the much loved member made newsletter, and has been doing stellar work collaborating with lots of other fellow content creators to make it the best it can be.

He's a credit to giffgaff with how much he gives back to the community, along with actively encouraging others to create brilliant content too.

From us and the rest of the community, @willp789 - thank you, for everything you do.

I'm right...

Hiya Will and will

@t_will @ @willp789 

Congratulations on your Featured member shout out Will

62530000.gifpassing the love on

Hey nice @willp789 Smiley Happy



Congrats bud, well deserved!


Will and I have worked together on a few occassions, as well as consistenly together on the gaff, and he is honestly one of the hardest working, humorous, genuine and kind guys I could ever wish to meet.


Well done Will 😊

human databank



Well done buddy Smiley Happy

Hi there Will.


I'm wondering if you can help me.

I've activated my SIM and now want to do a SIM swap so I can get my number switched back on but am struggling to do it.

Please can you help me?


Thank u paulgrove 




 How are u cosham 


I have a gifgaf phone number>**phone_number_removed** can I change without loosing the trego what I have on the corner because I bought the internet package for 10f