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Ten thousand. In pounds, that's enough for a deposit on a small flat. In kilos, it's three or four elephants. In Best Answers, it's the achievements of @endorphin@sloz and @mathew40. Each.


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These folks have been working in the Help forum for years, giving the best help they can to members, day in, day out. Each one of them has helped a definitive 10,000 separate people with their issues - and those are just the ones who asked. Each Best Answer has also been acting as a resource for members looking for help ever since they posted it, and their concise, helpful and direct support has earned them a first place in giffgaff history. You ask any helper on the community - they'll know who these guys are.


Folks, thank you so much for your posts. It's quality, consistent help like yours that makes Run By You a reality. Keep up the great work.

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@endorphin @sloz @mathew40


Well what can I say, Three iconic members of the giffgaff forum! Very well done. Amazing achievement here on the community Smiley Happy


HI, i star use giffgaff, i got goodybag 10, but internet not working, and a cant call topoland why?


@slawomirsubda  You need to start a thread here  for help.  Smiley Happy


10,000 best answers. That is such an incredible amount to get your head round. Well done chaps and I wouldn't be surprised if that would be doubled, at least, if all your posts that should have been marked BA's were.

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Amazing achievements @sloz @endorphin @mathew40 , I remember my first days on the community (4 years ago) and learning the ropes from all of you.


You are truly amazing & deserve to go in the giffgaff history books. Looking forward to working with you all in the many years to come Smiley Happy


Well done.




Hi my goody bag has 15 days til it expire but I noticed that my data was running low so I've bought another goody bag.only problem it says it starts in 15 days?2nd time I've had a problem with these goody bags need help to activate goodybag asap not in 15 days


Hi i have been an giff gaff customer for a while ....But i have just discovered that someone has ordered a iphone 6 and its been costing me from my bank every month without me knowing .What shall i do


Hi my Internet has stopped working. What can I do


What a nightmare trying to activate a sim, every detail correct yet at the end all you get is the stupid oops! nothing will work and no actual inteligence at the end of a phone, exhausted all the comunity avenues, seems very poor from giffgaff if at the first hurdle to gain a new customer they get caught with their pants down, will move on to something better.


for sum reason its telling me that im usin an blackberry when im nt and that ive got loads of email going to the phne plz help sum 1 thanks 

ace of spades

Total respect 👍🏻