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 Member name:  @claw 

Date Registered:21-02-2012

Rank: soothsayer


Claw recently celebrated his 5th giffgaff birthday. Hurry and congrats! 

He has been around for a while but this shout out is particularity for all his recent involvement in the Community. You've really turned around and got stuck in many different areas you haven't discovered before. Claw is now one of our Content Creators and has shown an amazing initiative to collaborate with his fellow members and just get things done. It has been very easy to work with you and truly lovely to get to know you a bit better Claw! Smiley Happy


Claw is now working on a real game-changer. Few weeks ago he came up with an idea to run a bunch of fun and engaging Summer challenges and we've been working on this idea since. If you're curious what exactly we're up to drop him a line and he'll be able to tell you a bit more. Exciting times!


So thanks, Claw, for letting us discover your amazing personality. Here's to your new project and many more to come. 

Aggie and the Community folks 


Aww, thanks a lot. Was unexpected. Smiley Happy


Can't believe I've been visiting the community back and forward for 5 years now! Smiley Surprised I've got all the great people of the community to thank for keeping me company. Smiley Very Happy



lives and breathes giffgaff

whooo congratulations @claw and very nice @aggy_agate 


just trust me...

Congratulation's and Well done to you @claw Smiley Happy 


Thanks alot @formulaone! Smiley Happy


Can you  use  giffgaff in Europe 


Well done @claw it's nice to see that your a FM and rightly deserved, keep up the great work you also put in...Smiley Wink Happy for you buddy.


Congratulations Claw,  


Keep up the good work 👍

giffgaff; ergo sum


Well done @claw

For being voted featured member.

You truly deserve it mate as your a great asset to the community and giffgaff.

Keep up the good work mate 

All the best Bob


Well done @claw super member and super well deserved recognition of all your efforts, for just being you and being a valued asset to the community 

Good on you @claw.


Little did you know an obsession with ice cream and an unusual interest in optical accessories would get you here! Smiley Wink