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If you're a Help and Support regular, you're likely to have seen @rhort about giving stellar help, so he'll need no introduction. For those who are less familiar, though, let me enlighten you.


Having been a giffgaffer for longer than most of the staff, rhort's consistently been giving advice on the community for almost seven years - and has picked up a trick or two along the way. He's someone who exemplifies personal, knowledgable responses, and will always make sure he's got the right answer for the right person. No wonder he's helped over 2,500 people since he's joined find the solution to their problem - on average that's more than one a day, every day, since he joined, and with little sign of slowing down.


Wanting to help, and not sure how? Have a look at @rhort's posts and pick up a tip or two for yourself.



I hand over the weekly badge to you, congrats @rhort and well done for that loyalty.

ace of spades

@rhort congratulations well deserved mate 


Am having problem buying a goody bag


Hiya @mispe, take a trip over to: and fill in the needed info. The info will be passed onto an agent, which will take less than 24hours to respond and refund that 1p so you can get your goodybag. You can look at the agent responses here: or on your dashboard.

Nice one @rhort 



my phone is o2 but is not unlocked , the gifgaff work good in my phone?


It sure will @jorgecosta1976! Giffgaff runs on the O2 network so you don't have to unlock your phone from O2 for it to work on giffgaff.

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Nice one @rhort Well deserved. Smiley Happy

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Well done buddy. Very well deserved indeed Smiley Happy

Oh wow @rhort with so much star attention. I've been a giffgaffer since 2010 ish. Just had to change profiles from lilnell to lilnellcaerel because of my stalking ex. but hey I never get a special hi. Glad to see your doing so well. Maybe giffgaff should employ you for being such a loyal giffgaffer. If they haven't already.  I mean no one else could have been here that long huh pffft...