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Member name: @woodyuk

Date Registered: ‎05-01-2011


We are all so very familiar with the avatar above and it's no wonder, woody has been with us for a long time and he is only growing in the amount of knowledge and input provided to us over the years. These days he seems to be hanging around the Help and Support areas and we could not be more grateful for that.

His input goes beyond just helping newbies with their issues but also helping us in shaping the future and bringing to life all that we have set out to do. From twitter to Help and Support and from the Knowledge Base to Contribute, his feedback and and contributions have really made a difference.


We cannot thank him enough for his willingness to go the extra mile regardless of where on the community that is but we hope to have him around and involved for years to come.


Nice one @woodyuk !

lives and breathes giffgaff

Well done @roxy_r for choosing woody @woodyuk

Have to agree he is one of the old timers  that are awsome , we love you woody Heart

keep on helping its very much apprieciated

Hey @woodyuk  woody nice one bro you well deserve this as your a top member and allways around and there to help others

@roxy_rtop choice  

giffgaff Educator

Great choice @roxy_r , @woodyuk very well deserved. Congrats & Well done.



giffgaff pensioner


Got to hand it to you roxy on a great choice this time round @woodyuk 

Top man and allways on the money


Well done @woodyuk on being the featured member. 


Congrats woody!! #dedicated



Well deserved!


Congratulations @woodyuk

I boldly went...

Hiya @woodyuk

Many congratulations for being chosen as this weeks featured member.

Your been with giffgaff a long time mate and helpt so many gaffers old and new.  Including me. You done me one big faver a few years back and i will never forget that.

Your a great asset to the community and we all thank you for your friendly advice  and help you give to the community

All the best and well done




Congratulations @woodyuk well deserved! 


I will never forget your famous discussion comparing unlimited goodybags to eating at an 'unlimited buffet' - it amazes me that people are still abusing the 'Always On' goodybag, calling it 'unlimited' and expecting to be able to share their connection with other devices they own - claiming that 'I've paid for it, so I want to use it!' - 


I found out about you being featured when I logged out and back in after finding myself logged in but with an offline red dot on my profile. Too bad we have yet again had no issue of The Gaff to let us know the news!




Well Done Pal! Smiley Happy