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Ten thousand. In pounds, that's enough for a deposit on a small flat. In kilos, it's three or four elephants. In Best Answers, it's the achievements of @endorphin@sloz and @mathew40. Each.


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If you're a Help and Support regular, you're likely to have seen @rhort about giving stellar help, so he'll need no introduction. For those who are less familiar, though, let me enlighten you.


Having been a giffgaffer for longer than most of the staff, rhort's consistently been giving advice on the community for almost seven years - and has picked up a trick or two along the way. He's someone who exemplifies personal, knowledgable responses, and will always make sure he's got the right answer for the right person. No wonder he's helped over 2,500 people since he's joined find the solution to their problem - on average that's more than one a day, every day, since he joined, and with little sign of slowing down.


Wanting to help, and not sure how? Have a look at @rhort's posts and pick up a tip or two for yourself.



This weeks featured member is toxiic. Congratulations, dude.


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If you've ever wanted to know what entails a true giffgaffer, well look no further; today's Featured Member is the wonderful @ray2
She's a Labs connoisseur who never fails to bring some interesting discussions, insights and contributions to the table. She's done some incredible work in the recent changes with the Labs homepage, as well as being an advocate for making sure our member ideas are nurtured with the best guidance and advice.
"@ray2 is someone who will always say something that makes my mind just go 'wow' and her dedication to the community inspires me to continue with what I do" - prescilla_g 
As well as Labs, @ray2 has also played a pivotal role over in giffgaff Money. A powerhouse for community and is always helping out with feedback on future projects, collaborating with other members in a constructive and relevant way. She recently created a great guide for Travel Insurance, which can sometimes be a confusing subject to tackle, to help others understand and be aware of their rights when traveling.
We'd say that's pretty amazing, wouldn't you? Thank you, @ray2. You're a true giffgaffer and we're so happy you're with us. Keep shining.


Member name: @woodyuk

Date Registered: ‎05-01-2011


We are all so very familiar with the avatar above and it's no wonder, woody has been with us for a long time and he is only growing in the amount of knowledge and input provided to us over the years. These days he seems to be hanging around the Help and Support areas and we could not be more grateful for that.

His input goes beyond just helping newbies with their issues but also helping us in shaping the future and bringing to life all that we have set out to do. From twitter to Help and Support and from the Knowledge Base to Contribute, his feedback and and contributions have really made a difference.


We cannot thank him enough for his willingness to go the extra mile regardless of where on the community that is but we hope to have him around and involved for years to come.


Nice one @woodyuk !


Member name:  @ijustcantdoit


Date Registered:02-09-2013



@ijustcantdoit has been on the community since 2013. He's always been around but lately, he's made exceptionally great contributions to the community getting involved in content creation and has shown an initiative to take on various different activities. You can find him everywhere on the forum. He's taking part in Photography, gets involved on giffgaff Money, is a social butterfly on GD and always gives a great advice on Help. What else is awesome about him? He always finds time to welcome new members on the Welcome&Join.  Definitely, check out his latest thread 'grow our own corner' and you might as well get lured into gardening. Woop.


So yep, he's superduper friendly, we absolutely adore him and you totally should say hi if you see him around.


@ijustcantdoit, cheers for all your hard work and passion for the community. 




Member name:  @claw 

Date Registered:21-02-2012

Rank: soothsayer


Claw recently celebrated his 5th giffgaff birthday. Hurry and congrats! 

He has been around for a while but this shout out is particularity for all his recent involvement in the Community. You've really turned around and got stuck in many different areas you haven't discovered before. Claw is now one of our Content Creators and has shown an amazing initiative to collaborate with his fellow members and just get things done. It has been very easy to work with you and truly lovely to get to know you a bit better Claw! Smiley Happy


Claw is now working on a real game-changer. Few weeks ago he came up with an idea to run a bunch of fun and engaging Summer challenges and we've been working on this idea since. If you're curious what exactly we're up to drop him a line and he'll be able to tell you a bit more. Exciting times!


So thanks, Claw, for letting us discover your amazing personality. Here's to your new project and many more to come. 

Aggie and the Community folks 






Member name:  premierphotosuk
Date Registered: 10 Dec 2013


As well as dipping his toes in elsewhere, you can usually find premierphotosuk in the Photography board. When he's not sharing his own work he's a tour de force of positive feedback and collaboration - you'll rarely find a photo he hasn't got something nice to say about and some useful critique to give.


Recently he's hosted a photo editing thread that's drawn members in to remix their own photos and images, free of restriction, with folks from all around the community, newbie and veteran alike. It's a thread full of people experimenting and trying new things with their creative skills. Why not check it out and add your own creations?


Our hats are off to you - bringing people together is what giffgaff is all about. Long may it continue.


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Member name: @bertiebat

Date Registered: ‎25-01-2011

Rank: giffgaff; ergo sum


If you have been hanging around our lovely forums you probably have noticed bertiebat. She's always active, friendly and passionate. But there's one thing we can't stress enough - she's a true example of all things giffgaff. Here at the gaff we believe in mutual giving and bertiebat is someone who's always ready to lend a helping hand. She has been a great support to us all. Thank you for that Bertie. 


We are so fortunate to have a true giffgaffer like you on our Community.