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Can I increase my SIM limit to over 30?

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It is great to see you are looking to help giffgaff grow bigger by recruiting new members to our network.
As you may know, 30 SIMs per month is the default limit for all our activated giffgaff members. We feel this is a generous figure to start with, without being wasteful.
The great news is that increasing your SIM limit is possible but will be completely dependant on how efficient your SIM spreading skills are and how many successful activations you get.

More Information

To increase this limit we verify if at least 20% of the SIM cards we gave you have been activated. We also verify other parameters to assess your spreading skills.

You can see your successful activations by logging into your giffgaff account and selecting My recruits. You'll see a counter with your number of recruits and the amount of SIM orders you have placed.

The information displayed is for the last two payback periods. While on this page you can use the filter button to see:

  • Activated - This will display All Activated or Not Activated SIMs
  • Payback Period - This will display All, Current or Previous payback periods.

If you have successfully met this expectation then you may be eligible for an increase and will be required to Contact an Agent.

Note: If you are eligible, please take into consideration that giffgaff will review your account history and reserves the right to reject any increases of this limit.

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