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Can I order more than 3 SIM cards?

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It is great to see you are looking to help giffgaff grow bigger by recruiting new members to our network and we can only encourage it.

The number of free SIM cards for a single order is limited to 3 because our packs come in two models: SIM packs in forms of 1 (1 SIM in 1 pack) or three (3 SIMs in 1 pack). For this reason, we can't increase the number of SIM sent for a single order.

Please Note: SIMs ordered before 4:00pm will be dispatched the same day. Any sims ordered after will be dispatched the following day. 

More Information

To order one of these packs, simply login to your giffgaff account. From your giffgaff dashboard scroll down to the "Share the love" section and select “Order more SIMs” shown below:

Dashboard - Order More SIMs.png

Now select if you wish your SIMs to be posted to you or to your new recruits address:

Order SIMs - Send to Self or Friend Selection.png

Now select how many SIMs you would like to receive (1 or 3):

Select - How many SIM's you require.png

If you have selected for the SIMs to be delivered to you your address details will already be showing, Please confirm that these details are correct BEFORE you select "Send me the SIMs"

Confirmation of address details.png

Your new SIMs will be delivered by first class Royal Mail within 3 working days.

Please note: During festive periods / adverse weather etc, there may be a slight delay outwith the control of giffgaff so please be patient.

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