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We thought it might be interesting for you to see what a report looks like when you click that send button and also to explain what you should be reporting and what you should not. This guide will teach you the following:

More Information

Community Self Moderation: The Educators role is not to actively moderate content; we therefore rely on community members to self-moderate by using the Content Reporting Link to flag any inappropriate content.

The first steps in reporting a post is the same whether you are viewing on a PC or a mobile device.

Located at the bottom of every reply in a thread is a circle with 3 dots within it. When clicked or pressed it will display a drop down menu. Click on "Report Content" of the post you wish to report.

PC view.pngPC view

In both views you will see the "Report Content" form. Fill in the text box and add a P1, P2 or P3 and a reason why you wish to report that particular post. You should explain within this box which guideline(s) the post may have breached.

We've set up a brand new filter in our Reports system to prioritise them as P1, P2, P3 (P standing for 'Priority'). This can be broken down in the following way:

P1 - Issues that needs addressing without delay. Suicide threats, real life threats and major service issues fall into this camp.

P2 - Issues that need to be addressed ASAP but with an understanding that there may be a delay compared to a P1. Things like racism, homophobia, aggressive behaviour towards members, dodgy links to external sites etc. fall under this.

P3 - Everything else Things like spam, gaming, pointless posting (for the most part), incorrect BAs and getting around the swear filter would be things that fall under this.

For each of these categories we've set up our report system to pull through and ping an alert when it comes through. For this, we'll need your help when it comes to reporting by using 'trigger words'. For example, if you submit a report and use the phrase 'P1' or 'P2' this will indicate a high level of urgency and we'll get on it right away.

The trigger words will be what will activate the ping, making things much more easier and efficient for us to deal with. Nice one.

The Educator dealing with the report will then act accordingly, PM'ing (usually) those involved - we then file them away under different folders for our Monthly Content Reports that come out in the first week of every month.

  • Gaming the System
  • Touting for Sims/Kudos
  • Pointless Posts
  • Incorrect "Best Answer"
  • Thread in Wrong Forum
  • Personal Details
  • Tags
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Referred to Agent

What you should report:

  • Gaming the system - Posts from users who you suspect are abusing the payback system by using multiple accounts to give themselves Best Answers or kudos.
  • Touting for SIMs/Kudos -Posts which are actively asking for kudos or solutions, it is fine to have this in your signature but not to ask in a post/topic.
  • Pointless Posts - Pointless/irrelevant posts or obvious spam.
  • Incorrect Best Answer - If you spot a 'best answer' which is incorrect or if a user has accepted one of their own responses as a solution unjustifiably.
  • Thread in Wrong Forum - If a topic has been posted in the wrong section, i.e. a Social: General Discussion post on the Help & Support board.
  • Personal Details - If you see a post that contains personal details such as home address, email address, phone number.
  • Incorrect Tags - If you see that a post has been tagged with an irrelevant or inappropriate tag.
  • Inappropriate Content - Posts which are disrespectful to other users, profanity, advertising, naming and shaming and generally causing discord or disharmony on the forum.
  • Agent Referrals - Posts where users are unable to submit a question to the agents, for trouble reading replies direct them to the following link:
  • Educator Attention - Posts on threads where members are experiencing issues contacting an agent or where members are not getting their issue solved by an agent should be referred to an educator. You may use the report content for this purpose.

What you should not report:

  • Incorrect Answers - Answers in help which are incorrect. You should instead simply post the correct information on the thread in question. We cannot moderate every misguided answer therefore the community must educate others when necessary, this way also helps weed out false information and common misconceptions. The exception to this is if a particular user continues to post wrong/pointless answers.
  • Duplicate Answers - We cannot actively moderate every single duplicate answer in a thread, but if it becomes excessive, especially from a specific user in particular, then feel free to report.
  • Non Pointless Posts - It is important not to be too vigilant with posts that you deem pointless and is only really about spam or unhelpful answers in help. For example, you should not report posts in the Social: General Discussion board for being pointless, that's the point of this board.

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